Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery Man - Urban Meyer

Urban, why now?

It is all but a finality now; Urban Meyer will end up being the new head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Ohio Native has had success coaching wherever he has gone, leading the Utah Ute’s to a perfect season in 2004, and winning a BCS championship with the Florida Gators in 2008, so Meyer getting back into coaching after taking a year off comes as no surprise to me. What is really getting me riled up though is the way Meyer did it.

After the 2010 season with the Gators, Meyer decided to step down from coaching, stating that he wanted to spend more time with his family and other interests. Meyer also had some health concerns, mainly stress related, making the decision to step down a little easier.

The problem I have with this situation is Meyer wanting to take a year off “to spend more time with family and other interests.” You are going to tell me that a year away from coaching fulfilled all of his “family time” he wanted to accomplish? Now instead of taking some quality time off, recouping and being a full time father for a while, he is going to jump into one of the most prestigious and highly scrutinized NCAA football programs. The Buckeyes are also in the midst of rebuilding after multiple NCAA violations, which were slapped on them this past season. So rebuilding the Buckeyes should be fun… right????
I find it extremely difficult to believe Meyer’s reasons for wanting to step down from coaching last year. Are you sure it didn’t have to do more with the money-a better paying job around the corner? Or maybe it had to do with his Gator recruiting classes coming in after Tebow, and the Pouncey boys left? Meyer resigned after a 7-5 2010 season and the talent this year at Florida does not look all that great with a measly 6-6 record to show for. It all sounds kind of fishy if you ask me….


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