Saturday, November 26, 2011

NBA Lockout Over: Moving on to actual on court NBA talk soon!

K-Love is obviously shocked and happy the lockout is over...

Well we haven't talked NBA for a while around here, reason being the league has been in a lockout over some crap that we don't care about because we are basketball fans not BRI% BS fans.  So games are set to resume on December 25 and we are happy about that.  The hometown Wolves have some excitement around the team with the arrival of our Spanish import Ricky Rubio and another high draft pick named Derrick Williams along with a brand new, yet experienced, head coach in Rick Adelman.  It will be interesting to see the types of (shortened) off season moves the Wolves make once that starts up.  But for now let's be thankful that the NBA is back and we will have a chance to see a season, although shortened.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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