Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3D Basketball Court?

Watch out Joey Crawford!  Don't trip over the misplaced "Raptors" sign!

If you watched any of the Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors preseason matchup, you may have been wondering why the Raptors set up a dangerous sign right under their hoop that a player could trip and fall over after making a basket.  Only for a player to then walk over it as if it weren't there, and then you wonder just how these NBA players had the voodoo magic to walk over objects as if it were flat ground. 

Well that magic is actually a pretty cool, yet slightly annoying for some reason, 3D floor technology that the Raptors debuted in their first preseason game.  Not sure what you all think about it but I think it is somewhat annoying...again I can't really say why...but it is.

Check out the video below about the new technology that we are sure to soon see on all sporting fields/courts of play:

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