Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend Review: RUUUUUUBIOOOOOOOO!

Santa loves sports! And Michael Jordan I guess...

It was a long Christmas weekend and I feel the need to catch up on some of the sports happenings of the holiday weekend.  So with that I am going to do a classic bullet point mind spew in which I just randomly bring up stuff and then tell you my thoughts on them.  So if like me you had a weekend full of family holiday cheer and missed any of this, here is your chance to catch up prior to heading to the water cooler.

- Rubio!

The Rubio Era has begun.  And even though it was in a loss, it was exciting and the Wolves looked competitive against likely the best team in the western conference.  Rubio had a solid stat line (26 min, 6 pts, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 0 tos) coming off the bench but his biggest contribution was igniting the crowd and the team with great no look passes for easy buckets.  Rubio is definitely exciting to watch, and we get another chance to see him tonight against Milwaukee.


Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and MCL Saturday.  Vikes are hoping to have him back early in the season next year.  So that sucks for the Vikes, but really they are now 3-12 with a guy who was picked as a WR in the 6th round challenging their 1st round pick for the starting QB spot, so a lot of stuff "sucks" for the Vikes right now. 

- Drew Brees passes Marino

Yawn, who cares?  The game has changed so much this really isn't as impressive as it should be. 

- Lakers 0-2

Phil Jackson really does know when to exit stage left doesn't he?  Lakers will still probably be fine, but Kobe is banged up again, Pau is in his shell and after that they don't have a ton.  Question is if this 0-2 start snow balls into a much worse start and the Clippers keep playing well, does Mike Brown's seat start getting hot really fast? 

- Minnesota Wild lose 7th in a row

The Wild lost again last night to the Av's and have now lost 7 in a row.  They are injured all over but the hot start they had has increased fan's expectations, so they need to turn it around fast.

- Bowl games have begun...yippee!

A ton of meaningless games begun last week.  No I am not talking about preseason NBA, as they actually had some meaning in filling out the team's rosters.  I am talking truly meaningless.  College football bowl games.  The Title game is the only game that matters.  The rest are for old guys to talk about the pageantry of college football and history of bowl games while the rest of us talk about how boring it is and how Oklahoma State should have had the opportunity to play for a Championship in a tournament/playoff so we could see if they just had a let down the day after their school had a huge tragedy or are actually not in the same league as the SEC elite Bama and LSU.

- Conference season begins in CBB

Finally, how boring have the past couple weeks been in college basketball?  Schools go on Christmas break and the match ups get pretty boring.  Yet, conference season is about to begin and with that he match ups will start heating up again, thankfully. 

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