Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funnies: Guy on a Buffalo

You may have already watched and laughed at these, but if you haven't, here is your Friday Funny from STOB. 

Good luck getting the song out of your head this weekend!

And if you are wondering, where the heck did they get this footage?  Is it from some old movie or something?

It is, and here is that movie if you really need to waste a hour and a half at work this afternoon.  And let's be honest, you do.  It's a little over a week away from Christmas, we are all mailing it in at this point.

First watch the trailer for the movie...if you aren't thoroughly confused and yet intrigued by it, you aren't human.  Or at least a human that loves classically horrible yet hilarious 70's movies.


Full feature film...BUFFALO RIDER:

If, like me, you now want to know who this amazing lead actor is and what other movies you can see him in.  Here is his IMDB page:

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