Monday, December 19, 2011

Kardashian Christmas Card - Fo Sho or No Sho?

Seems pretty Blue to me.... What do you think?


  1. Any time you airbrush a Christmas card (see Khloe).

    It's a No Sho.

    Kris Humphries just sighed another sigh of relief he wasn't involved in this. That will be a recurring theme for him, the sighing in relief thing, while Kim's over extended 15 minutes for making a sex tape and being rich comes to an end and she and her crazy mom gets more and more desperate for attention.

    Wow I really am breaking down a simple "Fo Sho or No Sho" post way too much.

  2. Long responses are good responses, unless of course you were talking about politics or something.
    My question is, how many times did they need to take the picture in order for the baby to pose like that?