Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lifelong Twins Fan: I Feel Lied To…

Even Mauer Is Wondering, "What the hell!"

Do you hear that? That’s one giant collective yawn by Twins fans.

The winter meetings may not be over, but they might as well be for the Twins. Now I know the “Big Wigs” won’t want to leave their posh digs down in Texas to head back here, but they should.

It’s not like they are doing anything down there anyway. Sorry, I take that back. They are low-balling every free agent out there; so I guess I can’t say they aren’t doing anything.

Do you remember when the Twins were asking the state and the city of Minneapolis to help them fund a new stadium? I do. There were a couple of reasons why I wanted the funding for the stadium; and they were both selfish.

I wanted the new stadium because it would be a new school ballpark with an old school flare. Well, I got that. Next, I wanted it because the Twins front office said they would spend the money they made from the new stadium to put towards fielding a competitive team. Hmm, haven’t seen that yet.

Sure, the Twins did pay Mauer which was a move I endorsed and will still stand by; even if in the first year of that contract Mauer wasn’t very good. After that, there really isn’t anything else the Twins can hang their hat on as far as “big moves” go.

Can you think of one? I sure as hell can’t.

Yeah, they brought in everyone’s favorite Mario Kart racer in Yoshi, but even that wasn’t a splash. They didn’t want to pay JJ Hardy, so this was our second best option. Good thing JJ had a bad year so this doesn’t look that bad. What’s that? He didn’t? Son of a bitch.

Oh and don’t forget, they traded for Matt Capps, which seemed like a good move at the time, but has since proven to be a bust. Good thing they let him walk after this year. What’s that? The signed him? Man, I’m 0-2 on trying to give the Twins a break.

Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that the Twins lied. They flat out lied right to our faces. I know that is harsh, but it’s true.

They haven’t made a single big name signing or hell, even a big name offer since they got the stadium. My question is; what are they waiting for? Or do they even care?

It’s not like they are going to be forced to blow up Target Field for telling this horrible lie. Nope, they will just have fans bitch while they sit in the overpriced seats drinking their overpriced beer and eating their underwhelming food. I said it, the food sucks. Except Turkey to Go….I love that place.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the Twins are big fat liars.

The crappy part is they will get away with it because Twins fans are okay with being mediocre. Believe me, I know. I was that fan up until the start of this year.

I treated the stadium almost like a college coach going into a new school waiting to get “his recruits”. The revenue generated by this stadium took place of the recruits.

The Twins are going into their third year at Target Field and haven’t spent a dime on a big name that wasn’t on the roster.

In fact, they are cutting the payroll going into the third year.

How does it feel being lied to?

- Ken

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