Monday, December 12, 2011

Minnesota Valkyrie: Losing Hurts

Whitney Meierotto maybe doing more throwing if Jana Skrtic is unable to return.

Another loss and another list of injuries to follow for the Minnesota Valkyrie.  This time though, since their starting quarterback Jana Skrtic was already out and their starting running back Lisa Bastien had been out since midway through the first game against the Green Bay Chill, the injuries maybe weren't to as many "key" positions as before.  Yet, any additional injuries to a 1-2 team struggling to find a winning formula hurts.  The Seattle Mist game is on January 6 and the Valks need to get healthy and prepared to try to get to .500 and finish their year on a positive note.

So let's get started on the new list of injuries for the Minnesota Valkyrie.  First up is starting defensive end Brittany Austin, she is done for the season after suffering a torn ACL.  Then there is one of the other defensive ends, Leekplay Paye, who will also miss the Seattle Mist game due to multiple injuries.  For a team that has already struggled mightily on the defensive side of the ball, these additional injuries could take their toll.  ChrisDell Harris ran for over 100 yards with 2 touchdowns for Chicago in November and Amber Reed for LA ran for near 100 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Valkyrie's first loss in October.  Losing Austin and Paye add to the many question marks already present defensively for the Valkyrie.

On to the offensive side of the ball.  Against Chicago, the Valkyrie were once again unable to make it through the entire game with their starting signal caller.  Jocelyn Bendijo went down after multiple big hits and had to leave late in the second half.  That meant that third string quarterback and starting wide out Whitney Meierotto had to take over under center.  From the looks of things currently, Whitney maybe taking the snaps for the Valks in Seattle as well.  Jocelyn is out and has currently removed herself from the team after her injuries.  Then there is Jana Skrtic, the starting QB and MVP of the Valks only win, recovering from her surgeries to both hands/wrists.  She is currently "questionable" for the Seattle game.  So now in 4 games the Valks could possibly start 3 different quarterbacks (Skrtic, Bendijo and Meierotto).  Running back Lisa Bastien is "doubtful" to return from her achilles injury so it looks like the backup trend in the backfield will continue for Minnesota with Katrina Stewart at running back.

LFL Coach of the Year nominee Tony Nguyen has his work cut out for him to get his team ready for a west coast trip to take on the Seattle Mist.  The Valkyrie will need to play better defensively and offensively in January or the season that started with so much hope, following their opening day win, will end in disappointment.

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