Monday, December 12, 2011

Paul to Clippers: Better Fit than with Lakers?

Kobe, "Why you standing so close to him now Chris?"

So it seems...possibly...Chris Paul will finally find a home in LA after all but just not with the Lakers.  Instead the Clippers have agreed to a deal with NOL to send Paul to the Clippers in exchange for Eric Gordon, Al Faruq Aminu and Chris Kaman along with an unprotected 1st round pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves for 2012.  Is it a better deal for NOL than the deal they got for Paul that was rejected?  That is arguable, it has a more youthful feel, but the whole is a trade better or worse thing is really something realized further down the line.  Yet, for Chris Paul, I feel that the Clippers is a much better fit than the Lakers.

"Why Ben...please explain."

Aaaaight I will.
Really don't have to be a genius to figure out why Paul is a better fit with Blake Griffin than with Kobe.  What does Kobe and Chris Paul both need to be effective?

The ball in their hands.

Blake Griffin doesn't.  Griffin does some of his best work not getting the ball until milliseconds prior to throwing it through the rim on an alley oop.  Who throws alley oops?

Chris Paul that's who.

I never thought the Paul to Lakers move made a lot of sense.  I understand that the reason Kobe has never played with a good PG is because of the triangle offense and it's lack of a need for a PG and that now with Mike Brown as coach they will maybe play a style that could have a great PG at the helm.  Yet, if I am the Lakers I know for a fact that Kobe works well with great big men and if I am shipping off a bunch of assets in a trade for a star, I am shipping them off for Dwight Howard.  Seems they came to their senses as well on Saturday night.

Paul with the Clippers has a chance to be a great pairing with Blake Griffin.  Unfortunately though the Clipper's cabinet that was once full of youthful talent is now looking more and more bare as they just traded away two bright spots in Gordon and Aminu and then today comes news that Golden State just signed an offer sheet (that can be matched) with restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan.  For the Clippers to be title contenders Blake Griffin will have to take his game to the next level from human highlight reel to legitimate go to NBA PF.  Dwight Howard has struggled to make that transition (only as a C not PF) and may never truly make it to a "go to" offensive threat, hence hoping he can go to be with Kobe or Deron Williams. 

I think Griffin can make that transition though and just the addition of Chris Paul alone will make him mark ably better from day one.  Chris Paul is used to working with David West as his pick and roll and PF friend, and with that still made the playoffs pretty regularly.  Now with a guy who is David West X4 athletically Paul should be able to really make some things happen.  Surround those two with lethal shooters and you have a chance. 

I think/hope the NBA will stop trying to play Big Brother and allow this trade to happen.  It is good for both teams, as the Clippers may finally (though Paul's knees could still head in a very "Roy" direction any day) be headed towards being a legit NBA franchise rather than a laughing stock and the Hornets get youthful talent to build around as a consolation prize for giving up their star.

Approve it Stern and let the SC Top Ten Nominees begin on pick and roll alley oops from Paul to Griffin.


  1. Harrison Barnes.

    Kobe is getting old. He can't carry a team like he could before. Dwight is a MUCH better fit for LAL than CP3 is, but I think that CP3 would have helped Kobe more than you seem to.

    Bynum can dunk as many oops as Griffin. Kobe draws a double team, swings to Paul who drives, defense collapses, Bynum dunks. Repeat until Kobe and Paul are both completely broken - which would probably have been March.

  2. Harrison Barnes would be a nice addition for NOL with that pick they got...good point.

    CP3 may have helped take some pressure off of Bryant but as far as making Bryant better I doubt it. There is a reason most wings in the NBA aren't paired with great PG's and that is because they don't need one to go one on one and score like they usually do. PG's in the NBA usually make big men better not wings.

    Bynum can't dunk as many oops as Griffin that is a preposterous statement meee boy.

    Bynum has had more knee injuries than career defining games, if I am LAL I get rid of him now when a few think that his bad knees and from last playoffs bad attitude are worth anything. If they can get Howard for Bynum and Pau they should pull the trigger yesterday.