Wednesday, December 7, 2011

STOB's Sports Chow - Chili Dogs....Yeah thats right Chili Dogs

What is more sports chow than a chili dog?

We at STOB like food...duh.  We like sports...more duh.  So with that we are going to start giving you some recipes (sounds lame)....grub instructions...nah...chow learnin'....oof....ok we are just going to give you some of our favorite things to eat while watching sports (YEAH SPORTS!!!).  Take them, use them, eat them and don't forget the beer kids, I can't stress that enough, beer is needed with these foods.

First up is my (Ben) take on Chili Dogs.  Super easy right?  Yeah they are and anyone can make them but this is a super simple way to make them (how much more simple can it get to put chili on a hot dog?) while being very good and a step above just throwing chili on a hot dog.

So let's start off with the ingredients you will need to make my chili dogs for say around 4 people...or 2 if you got big eaters:

- 1 can Hormel Chili (you may need more depending on how much chili you put on your dogs and really...whats the worst thing that have left over chili?  Oh no!)

- Chili powder (canned chili isn't spicy enough)

- Garlic

- Buns

- Hot Dogs (I suggest a good dog..skip the Fun Dogs...go with Ambassador, Hebrew National, Nathan's, Schweigert are good...personally a good skin on dog is preferred)

- Shredded Cheese

- Chopped Onion

- Sour Cream or Mayo (up to you what you like...I like mayo with a dog but I like sour cream with either works)

- Olive Oil

- Butter

Get cooking!

Heat up a pan on medium, throw a tablespoon or so of olive oil with a good pinch of chopped garlic (the more the merrier really it's rare you have something too garlicky), once heated up throw in your dogs...probably cover with a splatter cover cause they will spit olive oil.  Then throw your chili in a pot...heat that up..probably medium heat as well.  Once that is hot, start throwing in some chili powder...start with a tablespoon...then taste it...if that isn't enough heat for you keep it coming until you like the spiceyness of the chili.  Keep turning your hot dogs until they have a nice color on them or if you get skin ons you just cook em up until they pop (here is where you will really need the cover as they will really spit olive oil now).

So now your chili is hot, your dogs are done and garlicky, now you just toast those buns with some butter inside and start building your chili dogs how you like with the chili, sour cream or mayo, sprinkled on top with cheese and onions.

I know this isn't rocket science, I know this isn't even all that inventive, but it is good and really isn't that all that matters?

Eat it, pair it with a not too fancy beer...cause....cripes its a freaking chili dog, don't get all fancy and bust out anything made outside of the US...a good bottle of Schlitz would be my choice right now.

I am hungry now.

Look for more recipes from all of us..and maybe Ken will add his variation on the chili dog.

Tell us in the comments your favorite way to prepare chili dogs and if you have a Sports Chow recipe you would like to share send it to us at


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  1. Chili Dog sounds awesome. Only thing I would suggest is cutting the dog down the middle (keeping it together) and laying it down on a hot pan with some butter to get a nice crisp texture and chared flavor. But I will have to try the olive oil way next time.