Tuesday, December 20, 2011

STOB Teams Up with Pretty Lights for Podcast Music

Tomorrow STOB will be recording a podcast.  It's been a while, and when you listen to our podcast tomorrow evening (as we know you will) you will hear different intro music.  The music we have used up to this point has been generic, made up tunes by us, aka horrible.  Well we are stepping our game up...way up.  Starting with tomorrow's podcast we are pumped to debut our new intro/outro song "Short Line" from Pretty Lights first album Taking Up Your Precious Time.  

Check out the song here:

Here is a song, "Finally Moving", that you may recognize the Etta James sample from a current Flo Rida song (Pretty Lights released this song almost 5 years prior to Flo's new song):

Now go check out Pretty Lights music on prettylightsmusic.com.  What is great about the site is that you can download their albums and EPs for free.  Yup, absolutely free.  Now we suggest you make a donation to Pretty Lights on their site when you download an album, but it isn't required.  Want to give music for Christmas to someone?  Download a Pretty Lights album and burn a family member or friend a copy.

We are thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Pretty Lights and hope you all enjoy the music on the Pretty Lights site and our new intro to our podcasts.  

Now we just need to start doing more frequent podcasts again...

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