Thursday, December 22, 2011

Test your Christmas Movie Knowledge.......

So if you are board at work I'm sure most of you STOBer's are, I figured we would create a fun little game for you, to test your Christmas Movie Knowledge.

Match the character with the movie they are in:


(Clark Griswold ------------ Xmas Vacation)

Let's Do this:

Kubla Kraus                          Christmas Vacation

Uncle Lewis                          The Original Grinch

Sleet Sisters                           Rudolph's Shiny New Year

Heat Miser                            Miracle on 34th Street

Sir Ten-To-Three                  Home Alone

Mayor Augustus Maywho     A Christmas Story

Hermey                                 Elf

Rex and Herb                        The Year without a Santa Claus

Farkus                                   A Christmas Carol

Clarence                                The New Grinch

Jovie                                     Rudolph the Red Noised Reindeer

Doris Walker                        (Open)

Roast Beast                           Jack Frost

Marv                                     It's a Wonderful Life

Bob Cratchit                          Will Vintons a Claymation Christmas

Good Luck

Answers will be posted later with the correct character and movie combination.

No Cheating

Yes Google is cheating!

You may phone friends and family members!


  1. That is not a very good percentage.
    Better nuck lext year