Saturday, December 17, 2011

Timberwolves Preseason Opener: Things to watch for...

Is this nutcase finally maturing?

Finally there is basketball, and while it isn't a real game, just preseason, it is NBA basketball and for Timberwolves fan's like myself, we are looking forward to even the preseason.  Why?  Because we have such young talent and new story lines for this year that you just want to stop imagining what the team will be like and start seeing what it actually is and has the potential to become.

So with that quickly here are some things to watch for:

- Ricky Rubio -'s been a long time coming to see the Spaniard on the court and tonight we finally get to see that.  How will he be used? Will he be hesitant?  Will he just let it fly?  How many no look passes will we get?  How many alley oops to the Wolves bevy of athletic wings/forwards will be thrown?  All so exciting, especially with all the rave reviews he has gotten in the week of practice leading up to this game.

- Derrick Williams - Is this the franchise player?  Or just another player to add to the Wolves stable of good role player guys leaving the Wolves still looking for the "man".

- JJ Barea - How will this additional PG meld with the Rubio/Ridnour clan?  Can he play significant minutes with Rubio and Barea in a two PG system?  Adelman has said he is going to use it at times, but he also sounds like a coach willing to try a lot of different combinations until something clicks so don't take too much from the lineups he throws out tonight.

- Beasley Maturing? - Supposedly he has been all business in practice, let's hope he has matured because the dude has the talent to be a go-to offensive player and more.  Just needs the mental aspect to catch up with his talent.

- Wes on the bench? - Wes Johnson is a favorite player of the entire STOB Crew but from the sounds of things he isn't off to the best start with Adelman.  And Adelman has already said he isn't worried about development of young players as he is worried about winning.  If Wes doesn't buy into what Adelman is selling it could be a long season for the second year wing.  

- Skinny Love - K Love looks significantly skinnier this season, will it help his game or will he now get pushed around inside?

There is so much more to watch but it is Saturday and a Timerwolves/NBA preview is just around the corner this next week from STOB so I'll save some of it for that.  

The game is at the Target Center and on FSN Alt. tonight.  Enjoy and go Wolves!

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