Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why This Week it Sucks to be Portland

"Maybe I should have signed somewhere else..."
Portland can't seem to buy good news this off season.  First it's Brandon Roy retiring and now LaMarcus Aldridge is going to miss time due to a heart surgery.  Heart surgery?  What is this the old man's league at the Y?  Hope all goes well for him as he has missed time for it before but man how is Portland so unlucky with the health of it's players?

Here is a list of injury news to key/franchise players just this WEEK-

- Brandon Roy - irreversible damage to both knees...forces retirement.

- Greg Oden - suffers setback coming back from yet another knee injury (microfracture surgery), he should probably just have Roy pick up two sets of those retirement papers from the league to save him time in the near future.

- LaMarcus Aldridge - Wolff-Parkinson-White-Syndrome causing early contraction of his heart ventricles caused Aldridge to have to have a procedure that he also had done in 2006-07 that forced him to miss 9 games.  The duration may not be as bad as Oden or Roy ("FOREVVVER...FORRRREEVVVER..."*name the move that is from...a true FO SHO'er*) but it is dealing with a heart ailment and that is always serious.

So just right there in order you have the once best player of the Blazers, the once great hope to be the best player on the Blazers and the current best player on the Blazers all with serious injuries/ailments.  Don't forget this is the same franchise that took Sam Bowie when they had a shot at good ol' #23 only for Bowie to go on and battle career threatening leg injuries his entire career.

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