Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fan In Press Row: Full Of Wins…..And Superstition.

A lot of you might be wondering where I have been. You probably thought I would have been blowing up the blog with Gopher writes ups left and right.


Truth be told, I’m afraid to write this.

As you know, from reading this blog, I’m a HUGE Gopher basketball fan. I’m the guy that sits in the same spot, wears the same clothes and drinks the same drink during each and every game that is played.

To say I’m superstitious would be a giant understatement.

This is why I have not written a single thing since they beat Indiana. I wanted to, but the G/F had some housework for me to do and I just never got around to it. Then, they won again. And again, no write up.

2 wins in a row and no write up? Maybe I should never write again I thought.

Now, they have won 3 games in row and are on the eve of playing their biggest game of the year thus far. They play #10 Michigan St at Michigan St. A place, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, has not been friendly to our lovable rodents.

So, why do a write up now?

Well, one, I’m a third of this blog and need to hold up my end. Two, it’s one of my resolutions to not let Gopher Basketball effect my life as much as it has/does. What better time than now to get over my superstitions?

Oh sure, if they don’t leave East Lansing with a win, or, at least put up a respectable fight, I’ll blame, and I expect you too as well, my write up as the reason. However, if they win, then I will know that it truly doesn’t matter what I do; it all falls on the players on the court.

Let’s get to the game.

Do I think they will win? Not sure. What’s that? You want an actual prediction? Fine, here it is. No.

They won’t win. MSU is feeling good after crushing Purdue. 85-70 will be the score.

Calm down, calm down. See, the reason I say no is because if they do win, well, it’s time to party because I thought for sure they wouldn’t. If they don’t win, it was expected. Bring on Illinois.

Pretty good way to look at it huh?

Now, I know it seems stupid to look at it that way, but hey, it makes the games they don’t win that much easier to swallow. Who wants to think their team is going to win every game, just to see that not happen. Even Ben, a huge, almost disgustingly so, Duke fan, is going this route now.

My advice to all fellow Gopher fans is this: Don’t let this win streak get you overly excited. On the same token, don’t let any loss from here on out take you to the ledge. Just. Have. Fun.

It’s college basketball. It’s getting closer and closer to March. This is what we all want; a fun, young team that is showing promise and might actually make something happen. Let’s enjoy it.

And remember, if, and when they lose again, feel free to put all the blame on my shoulders. You can attack me in the comment section or at ken@stobblog.com.

If you don’t want to put the blame on me, just go over to GopherHole. You will more than likely find someone who feels your pain.


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