Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alabama 21 - LSU 0: Saban>Miles

Yep, he smiled.

Last night we learned what was probably obvious already, Nick Saban is better than Les Miles.  Minus a horrible day by the Alabama kicker earlier this year, Saban would have an undefeated season to go along with his title and a 2-0 record vs. Miles and LSU.  21 - donut was impressive last night, even if it was boring.  So boring in fact I watched the Timberwolves at Raptors game and then The Bachelor with Mrs. Duke before finally tuning in to find a 12-0 game. 

Ah shucks...I missed 4 field goals! 

I did tune in just in time to catch the 5th field goal and what an exciting moment that was.  A bunch of ugly LSU possessions followed by a much needed flash of offense from Trent Richardson and ball game over.  21-nuttin, 5 field goals, one td and a missed extra point.

In the end the dominance was really more than what the final score showed.  Alabama had 384 total yards offensively and defensively, amazingly, held he offensively inept LSU Tigers to 92 total yards.  That is insane.  A team that all year had dominated everyone, outside of their 9-6 overtime win over Alabama, was held under 100 total yards. 

With over a month to prepare it was obvious on the field last night which coach prepared his team better for this game.  Nick Saban owned Les Miles.  Les Miles got chewed out by a former LSU player Bobby Herbert (also father of a benched offensive lineman for LSU) for not trying to stretch the field and look into pulling the struggling Jordan Jefferson for backup Jarrett Lee.  In Miles' defense, Lee would've been a sitting duck for the attacking Bama defense, staying with the more mobile Jefferson was probably the better decision. 

More shocking than Saban's dominance of Les last night was the fact he actually smiled.  I continued watching the end of the fourth quarter just to see if he actually would smile for this title.  Two years ago when Alabama beat Texas for Saban's second title, Saban seemed annoyed that he had to go out and celebrate the win, accept the crystal ball and do the interviews. 

In the fourth quarter I feared we would have a repeat of crabby pants Nick.  Alabama committed an offsides penalty when LSU was punting after another three and out, and Nick Saban lost it.  He paced back n' forth on the sideline ranting about the one bad play by his team that didn't even give LSU a first down, didn't really change anything...oh...and it was the FIRST penalty of the game for Alabama and they were up 21 with 4 minutes to play.  I thought this was a sign that Saban just can't turn off the surly, 24-7 coach mode again this year and would be a crusty ol' ball coach again after his 3rd BCS Title. 

Instead Saban smiled, he knew he had dominated Les Miles and outside of that one penalty, which I am sure will piss him off again when watching the tape of the game, his team played perfect.  Which it seems is always what Saban is after.  That is why he can come off as a crab ass or douche.  He is one, but guess what?  Most great athletes or coaches are.  It's a competitiveness within them that drives them to think everything relates to the game and winning, and that there is no time for anything other than preparing for the next win.  Nick Saban fits that mold, but last night even he reveled in his accomplishment.

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