Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Argument for Trading Kevin Love

Trade KLove?  MADNESS!!

Yeah I am going to argue that possibly trading Kevin Love is the move the Wolves should execute.  Don't get me wrong, I love Kevin and think he is improving every single year.  I love the fact that he can put up, and has this year, 25 points and 15 rebounds almost every night without having to force feed him the ball.  I love the fact that while he gets his numbers you never feel that he is being selfish.  Even with all of that I think Love COULD BE expendable for the Wolves.

Can you imagine the national NBA media ripping David Kahn for this move?  Not sure Kahn could pull the trigger on this but at the same time here is why it maybe the move made.
First of all I want to admit this is just an idea, and not even really what I want but it is an argument and something that should be considered prior to signing KLove to his max deal extension (5yrs - 80 million) that he has been "non-committal" about signing even if offered by the Wolves.

For one thing, is Kevin Love worth a max contract?

I say for the Timberwolves, probably not even though his numbers say otherwise.  While Love is a great player and averaging 25 a game right now, he still isn't a go to guy.  To me, you need to be a go to player to get the max contract and Love just isn't that.

Won't this ruin the mojo the Wolves have right now with Rubio, Adelman and just overall playing better?

Possibly.  But Rubio is now the face of this franchise just 10 games in.  Kevin Love has already been replaced there.  If Kevin Love dropped dead tomorrow, I think there is a large part of the Timberwolves fan base that wouldn't blink because they are too busy staring lovingly into Ricky Rubio's beautiful eyes.  Trading Kevin Love and getting a haul like the Nuggets got for Carmelo Anthony to add to this already flush with talent (yet young as hell) lineup would be the move the Wolves would make if they don't want/can't sign him to an extension.  Again Kahn would be roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey for this move but it maybe the right move.

I can't name you the trade to make.  I know the Lakers would love to get Love, but you are probably talking about taking back either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum in return.  While both are great players, Pau is getting up there in years and Bynum is the NBA's version of Joe Mauer. 

I fully admit I don't know what the Wolves should trade for but here is my vision if they do.  Rubio is a Steve Nash like creator at the point guard position (no I didn't compare him to Nash simply because they are both white, it is just that Rubio really does run the team like Nash).  I think the Wolves need to look at how the Suns were built when they were making their runs deep into the playoffs.  While it wasn't ever a championship formula, it was close and with a few tweaks it could be.  

2004-2005 Phoenix Suns went 62-20 and lost in 5 games to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals.  Their starting lineup of Nash, Joe Johnson, Quentin Richardson, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudamire, which isn't all that impressive really.  What made it work was the MVP of the season, Steve Nash.  Running the entire offense via pick and rolls with Stoudamire and finding the snipers in Richardson, Johnson and Barbosa off the bench or the athletic Marion streaking to the hoop in the half court and running like hell the rest of the time.

The Wolves can be built the same way and have Rubio be there Nash and Derrick Williams (I know he needs to learn a lot still) be their super athletic PF like Stoudamire.  Then in the Love trade and a few other moves, acquire more shooters to surround Rubio and Williams.  You now have a younger version of what the Suns had in 04-05.  

The tweaks that would be needed are that Rubio will be needing more scorers than what Nash had, as Nash is a better scorer and scored more than Rubio probably will.  Defensively the Suns were horrible and couldn't defend big men, keeping Darko or acquiring an athletic big man that can defend the leagues bigs adequately will be necessary to make a playoff run. 

Is Williams as good as Amare?  Not yet...maybe never. 

Is this a bit of a crazy idea?  Yes.  But so is Kevin Love turning down 80 million to stay with the Wolves.  If that happens the Wolves will need to come up with something crazy to keep the momentum going the right way.  If they fail to keep this momentum building, Rubio will be next in line after Love to turn down a max deal and head for another NBA city.

Or we can avoid all of that, and Kevin can just accept our max deal in a week or so and Kahn can move other pieces, of which there are plenty, to surround KLove and Rubio with a winning combination.  


Kev, accept the deal, that idea sounds easier bud!

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