Monday, January 23, 2012

Fan Karma [Fan Kahr-muh]

It took almost a year...but "fan karma" got to ol' Casey and her fellow Cheeseheads.

Fan [Fan] noun - an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of sport, pastime, celebrity, etc. -per

Karma [Kahr-muh] noun - the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deed in a previous incarnation. - per 

Fan Karma [Fan Kahr-muh] noun adjunct - the, not so cosmic, principle in which a fan of a sports team is rewarded or punished via wins or losses in one hour(Saint's fans in last week's 4th quarter)/day(me...keep reading)/week (49ers fans)/month (Tim Tebow fans)/year (Packer fans)/decade (Patriot Fans)/century(Cub's fans) for that fan's team either winning or losing in a previous hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century. -per

Friday I was "rewarded" by the Minnesota Timberwolves by way of Kevin Love's buzzer beating three, that won the game for the Wolves over the Clippers.  I was so excited, I jumped from my blanket on my couch, yelling and pounding my chest like some insane person (which I likely am) and was left unable to sleep due to the excitement until near 3 am.  Little did I know Saturday afternoon I was going to get smacked hard by the opposite feeling, as Florida State's Michael Snaer drained a game winning three at the buzzer to beat my Duke Blue Devil's.

Fan Karma is a cold hearted biatch...just ask Casey:

Or talk to 49er fans.  After last week they were riding about as high as you can.  Upsetting a favorite in the New Orleans Saints and thinking you maybe headed to the Super Bowl after another great home game against the New York Giants....*insert record scratch noise in the form of a Lawrence Tynes game winning field goal* instead of reveling in the opportunities taken advantage of in the New Orleans game you are now thinking of the mistakes given away that made you lose the NFC Championship game. ( Sucks to be Kyle Williams...probably getting smacked around like a rag doll by Patrick Willis as you read this...)

That's what being a sports fan is though.  If everything always went your way as a fan you'd lose interest.  I am now more engaged in the Duke season after their loss and probably more so by the way it was lost.  I'll be honest I had lost a little interest in their season, I was in "talk to me when they play UNC" mode as far as the ACC Conference season was concerned.  I didn't think anyone else in the ACC really posed a serious threat for Duke.  Now that I've been proven wrong, I am more tuned in and looking for fan vengeance in the form of a whooping on the turtles from Maryland this week.

Karma isn't perfect.  It will lean one way or another sometimes and not even out completely it seems in the short term.  It feels like things always work out for the Patriots, but they were horrible pre-Brady/Belichick and probably will be again post-Brady/Belichick.  Timberwolves have always sucked pretty much but now seem to be on the right track to turning those long time present frowns upside down.  The lesson being that Karma will always even things out for you if you wait long enough.....well...unless you are Cleveland.

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