Friday, January 13, 2012

Kevin Love Look Alike (chubby 2010/11 version) Mac Lethal is Cooking Pancakes

**Warning: This video contains adult language...viewer discretion is advised** - Your pals at STOB

Ahhh...good stuff huh?

Does he or does he not look like Kevin Love?  I say he does.

Now most of you have probably seen this video, and I don't really care if you have.  This is both funny and impressive at the same time.  As a fan of Mac Lethal I believe in its authenticity and that he didn't speed it up electronically, he can actually rap that fast.

You maybe wondering, "Ben why are you posting this random video?"
The answer is simple, it is something that will entertain and required little work from me because I am trying to keep up on my NY resolution to post everyday in 2012 and for some reason today had:

A - nothing to write about because, even though Duke played last night (and won, suck it Duke haters), nothing all that exciting happened in sports, to me, last night, or at least exciting enough for me to get worked up enough about it to actually write something.

B - a case of  "The Fridays" and really can't think about sports in an analytical, blogger type way today because I am too focused on my 5 pm ice cold brewski I am going to be pouring down my throat in 40 minutes.

So this counts as my post for the 13th day of 2012 and while the writing was anything but impressive, I hope that the impressive video of Mac Lethal making pancakes was cool enough to entertain you for 2 minutes, and really in this ADHD filled world, 2 minutes of entertainment is a really long time.

Happy weekend STOB'ers and be sure to check out our latest "Guest Contribution" from Coop DeVille (Is that his real name? I don't know, nor care) and remember that if you have something that you'd like to get off your chest in the form of the most awesomest blog named STOB please refer to our "Contact Us" tab and email either Ken, Derrick or myself the contribution (it can be about anything, team, player, beer or even the  wort you got removed) and we'd love to post it (if we think it is interesting)!

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