Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love's New Contract is a Win/Win/Win for All Involved

Smiles all around today...but if the next 3 years don't bring wins...frowns will be rampant.

It is done, in the end it is 61 million over 4 years with a player option for the final year of the deal.

I understand initial apprehension by Timberwolves fans.  As a Wolves fan I understand you thinking, 

"Oh great, now he'll just opt out and leave us after 3 years, the same year Rubio and Williams deal's end and we'll be left with nothing.  Boo hoo...woe is me."  

But trust me...this is a good thing.

While it certainly could happen that Love, Rubio and Williams all leave in 2015, it will only happen if the Wolves stink at that time.  So that means that the Wolves and David Kahn are now under pressure to turn this fledgling near .500 youthful product into a more mature playoff contender in 3 years.  That is good for fans, the max money but not max years and flexibility is great for K-Love and the lack of a complete max deal and max years in this contract allows the Wolves to then use the new "designated player" 5 year max deal on another player in the future...probably Rubio, so now Kahn has more flexibility to make this a winning product as well.  

KLove - Win
Timberwolves Organization - Win
Timberwolves Fans - Win

That is a lot of wins for an organization that hasn't seen many W's in the past few years.

It is exciting so far this year to already see so much growth from this young team in just a few weeks.  Now we know for sure that for the next three years the main three cogs of this team will be here and growing into a winner in Love, Rubio and Derrick Williams.  Michael Beasley probably won't be coming back with the team after this season, unless he makes a huge impact in after returning from injury.  

This summer the Wolves do not currently have a first round pick, it was the 1st rounder that went to New Orleans in the Chris Paul trade (look for David Stern to set up the lottery, as always, so that New Orleans gets the #1 pick overall, I have almost zero doubt that will happen since the Hornets are currently NBA owned and a #1 overall will help them get sold to a private ownership group), so I think there will be either a trade of Beasley during this year or the Pups let him go and and then Love starts recruiting some free agents to join him and Rubio for the next three years to try to really build this team into a title (yes I said "title") contender.

That stuff is all in the future, we are all happy though that the contract negotiations with Love are in the past.  With that, it is a good thing to be a TPup fan today and that is something very new for those of us that have been there all along.


  1. $61 Million? I find it amazing when these contracts are negotiated for these incredibly large dollar amounts and the fans and people who write about them can somehow justify someone actually getting paid that kind of money for playing a sport? I like to watch sports as much as the next guy, but it seriously makes me wonder...WTF? I hope we didn't make another Minnesotan mistake. Mauer anyone?

  2. Al...can I call you Al Mr Anonymous? Ok coo.

    Al, if by doing your job at Acme Co. you produced to a point where you were creating huge revenues for Acme Co. and another company was willing to pay you millions to do the widget cranking at their company instead of Acme, it would then be up to Acme to assess their financial situation and the impact on their widget production by losing you to another company and then decide to pay you those millions to stay with Acme. You are worth whatever someone is willing to pay you. For Kevin Love, it seems Glenn Taylor is willing to pay him 61 million to play basketball, and you get your 11 bucks an hour for widget cranking. You got a problem with that, talk to Glenn Taylor. He'll tell you to keep lining his pockets, Kevin Love is worth that 61 million by getting fans in the seats, without Kevin Love he is assuming those same fans may not show. And because another team would be willing to pay Love 61 million, Taylor did extended Love's current contract with that same 61 million.

    Not sure how this actually affects you in your day to day life at all outside of probably being jealous you don't make 61 million for widget cranking. Keep your head up Al, when the NWCA (National Widget Cranking Association) starts filling up the seats and selling "Al" cranking jerseys you'll get yours...until then..keep reading STOB and thanks for the comment.