Friday, January 27, 2012

Miller, Ridnour and Webster back for Wolves tonight

Martell actually in a jersey...a rare sight indeed.

Finally it seems that the Wolves are starting to get healthy.  Though Malcolm Lee and Michael Beasley are still out (though Beasley is close to coming back and could even try to suit up tonight), the Pups are looking to work back in Martell Webster (back surgery) and Brad Miller (knee surgery) for the first time this year and Luke Ridnour back after one game off for a sore knee.  Some of you just joining the quickly filling up Timberwolves bandwagon maybe wondering what Webster and Miller are all I'll give you my opinion on them, cause that is what I do...I opine about sports.
Brad Miller F/C
261 lbs
13 year pro

Maybe best known for almost being killed from a punch from Shaq:

Ok so he is old.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing though for this Wolves team.  They need a veteran presence on this team full of youth.  Miller has been a solid pro throughout his 13 years.  His main strengths are basketball smarts, a good top of the key game with a jumper and great passing ability.  He should work really well within a system he already played with Rick Adelman when a member of the Sacramento Kings.  Personally with Darko at times making me want to go Shaq on my TV, I am happy to see Brad come in and possibly bring some solid, consistent play to the center position.  Too much though can't be expected as Miller is up there in age.

Martell Webster
230 lbs
6 year pro

Nothing but a pain in the back since coming from Portland in a draft day trade in 2010 for late 1st round pick Luke Babbit.  Now while Martell has missed more than he has played in his TWolf career with back issues, Babbit has been close to worthless for Portland as well, so two wrongs make an irrelevant trade at this point.  Hopefully this last surgery will help to have Martell consistently produce and stay on the court for the Wolves.  The Wolves are still looking for a guy to come in and take the SG spot even with Wayne Ellington playing pretty well of late.  Webster is a sniper from three and could be that guy if his health issues are in the past.  He is the guy I am most looking forward to seeing back on the court of all the injured Wolves this year.

Tune in tonight to catch the now healthy Miller, Webster and Ridnour as they try to take down the San Antonio Spurs for the second time this year.

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