Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions - Saturday Divisional Matchups

Tebow vs. Brady: Could be great or a blow out.

2-2 after the Wild Card weekend and feeling fine!  The matchups get tougher to predict this weekend but that isn't going to scare me off from still making predictions (hopefully this week I will actually correctly say who is actually playing in the game, Andre Johnson fail by me last week...ish).  Let's focus on Saturday for now, I'd say the better of the two days matchup-wise.  You've got the supreme offense of the New Orleans Saints heading west to meet the commanding defense of the San Francisco 49ers.  Then Tebow and the gang go out to New England to take on pretty boy Brady and the Pats.

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

Two different styles meet in this one.  I'd love to pick the 49ers.  I hate the Saints for some odd reason.  I think I have the "Tebow Hater" disease that has swept the land only for the Saints.  It could be that they took out the Favre-led Vikings in the NFC Championship a couple years ago, or that Sean Peyton seems like a d-bag.  Whatever it is, this will probably be the first time in my life I am rooting for the 49ers and will be rooting hard.  The issue is I don't think the 49ers will win, in fact I am thinking the Saints are Super Bowl bound.  I want to be right more than I want my hate filled thirst for a Saints loss quenched.

Brees and the offense move the ball enough to outscore the offensively challenged 49ers and avoid turnovers. San Fran will keep it close but in the end Alex Smith won't be able to move the ball enough and convert 3rd downs keeping drives alive and the lethal Saints O off the field.

Prediction - New Orleans Saints 31 - San Francisco 49ers 21

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Anyone else confused by the Tebow hate?  I am not the most religious guy in the world, but I don't care that he is.  Why are people so offended by such a unoffensive individual?  The guy is more positive than Magic Johnson (Wait is he saying Magic is a positive person...or was that a HIV Positive joke?).  My personal take is that people who hate Tebow are just always offended by religion for some odd reason, or are looking at their own lives and realizing that they aren't living a very pure or productive life and certainly aren't as accomplished as Tebow and with that are jealous which always leads to hate...or at least most of the time.  That is part of the reason, but to me the main ignitor of hate is that he is being talked about so much and anyone talked about as much as Tebow (see: Lebron, Peyton, Kobe, Duke, Yankees, Patriots, Rubio, etc.) in the media automatically become lightning rods for criticism.  It comes with the territory, but really if you are any of the listed above you need to relish in it because the media is only there if you are winning or successful and the haters only hate if you are winning.  Stop winning, jealousy disappears, media attention disappears and you are free and clear from the hate, doesn't matter if you preach your religion or get accused of rape in Colorado.  No one cares about you enough to hate you if you are losing, but you are losing that sucks too.  So in the end, my advice to Tebow (though he seems to be handling it fine) and Tebow lovers is to relish the hate and venom being spewed at you and your boy because it is only there because of his success.

Tebow and the Broncos got their doors blown off in the second half of their previous matchup against the Pats.  The key will be not to turn the ball over the way they did in that game.  The Patriots have a horrible defense and as long as the Broncos hang on to the possession they can keep it close.  Keep it close and we could have a great late game matchup of an up and coming fourth quarter closer in Tebow and the best in the NFL fourth quarter closer in Brady.  Tebow and the Broncos keep it close all game with good enough defense and turnover free offense and Tebow and the Broncos melt away most of the fourth quarter with a sustained run heavy drive they cap off with a game winning field goal.

Prediction - Denver Broncos 30 - New England Patriots 27

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