Saturday, January 7, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions - Saturday's Matchups

The Baby Breesus will probably lead the Saints to another home dominating win.

So we know we haven't talked a ton of football here this season, but it isn't that we haven't been watching as much as it just hasn't meant much to us.  I even wrote about how bad of an NFL season this has been for the STOB Crew.  Now though the Playoffs are beginning and with that the NFL again has our attention.  The Wild Card games start today with two intriguing match ups, let's get to them and I'll give my prediction for what will happen between Cincinnati @ Houston and Detroit @ Nawlins (New Orleans).

Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans -

Strange match up here, the Bengals really didn't have much playoff steam coming into the season and the Texans are going to be rolling out their JV squad with all the injuries they have.  Andy Dalton and AJ Green have been the rookie duo to carry the Bengals to the playoffs and will be relied upon again to try to advance Cincy past the Texans.  Houston as we said will be rolling out their JV squad without Matt Schaub or his back up Matt Leinart, it will be TJ Yates running the show at QB without the main target for the Texans in Andre Johnson available.  Defensively no Mario Williams either.  They are banged up and coming off of three straight losses.

Houston won't be able to score enough to keep up and Yates will have a few, "Crap I am a third string QB that shouldn't be starting in a playoff game," moments.

Prediction - Cincinnati Bengals 24 - Houston Texans 10

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints -

Offense will be the name of the game in this one, two QBs in Stafford and Brees that each went over 5000 yards passing and 40 touchdowns.  Being that the game is in Nawlins and Stafford is a bit interception prone I have to give the nod to the Saints in this one.  Brees at home is almost unbeatable and the if Matt Flynn can light up the Lions defense for 480 and 6, I can only imagine a playoff motivated Brees can do the same.

Brees lights up the Kitties secondary, probably sets some other stupid passing record and solidifies the Saints as my Super Bowl pick.

Prediction - New Orleans Saints 41 - Detroit Lions 24

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  1. If you would have flipped the first one, you'd have been right on! Pretty accurate on the second.