Sunday, January 8, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions - Sunday Matchups

Tebow Time?

If you read the "Saturday Predictions" you know I failed miserably on the Cincy/Houston game.  Saying that Andre Johnson was out, saying TJ Yates was going to make the mistakes and in the end the Bengals would win. FAIL!  I made up for that horrible prediction with a pretty good one for the Detroit/NO game though.  So 1-1 after day one of the NFL Playoffs, I'll take it.  Today I am going 2-0 though, I just have a good feeling on that, so let's get at it.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants -

By far the toughest game to predict of the day in my mind.  The Giants are the biggest issue when looking at this one because one week they are world beaters and possibly on par with the elite of the NFC, then the next week they are terrible.  Being at home isn't a huge advantage for the Giants, they were 4-4 on the year.  I think Eli usually likes the big stage, Victor Cruz definitely does and the combination of the two could be the lethal weapon for the Giants to move on.  As for Atlanta, they have been a great regular season team in the Matt Ryan era but have yet to make a lot of noise in the playoffs.  This could be their year, they are definitely capable of beating up the Giants.  The Falcons weren't great on the road this year, 4-4, with only one of those wins being against a playoff team in Detroit.  That is the fact I am going to go off of to make my pick today, I think the lack of a proven road game by the Falcons will be their downfall in an otherwise even match up.

Manning/Cruz combine for a game changing play, the Giants defense takes advantage of the home crowd to get a jump on Matt Ryan's snap count and bends but doesn't break with their suspect secondary.  

Prediction - NY Giants 27 - Atlanta 20

With that prediction Victor Cruz decided to dance:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos -

The 8th best defense against the run and 1st against the pass for Pittsburgh going up against the best rushing team in the league the Tebow-led Denver Broncos.  I'll be rooting for Tebow but I don't see the Broncos scoring much offensively against the Steeler defense.  Being at home may help some but Pittsburgh is just the better team and will show it on Sunday even without their starting running back Rashard Mendenhall (ACL).  

Steelers shut down the Broncos formidable run game, therefore shutting down the Broncos outside of one deep field goal from the monster legged Matt Prater.

Prediction - Pittsburgh Steelers 17 - Denver Broncos 3

Playoff predictions record thus far: 1-1

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