Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions - Sunday Divisional Matchups

Eli, point at the guy that sucks at making NFL picks.
Current Playoff Prediction Record: 2-4


OK so I am hoping nobody made a trip to Vegas yesterday to make bets with my picks.  An 0-2 Saturday though isn't going to keep me from making more picks today.  I am either a glutton for punishment or just oblivious to the fact I am ruining my future hopes of landing "Hammerin" Hank Goldberg's job when he retires.  Today there is one match up that has the looks of an easy pick with the Ravens hosting the Houston Texans.  Then there is the Giants heading to Green Bay to take on A-Rodg and the Packers.  I need to go 2-0 today to make up for my horrible day yesterday.

To the picks!

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

These two met earlier this year when Matt Schaub was still playing for Houston, though without Andre Johnson at the time, and Baltimore came away with the win 29-14.  Baltimore is 2nd best against the run defensively and that will be key.  Slowing down, nay, stopping Arian Foster and Ben Tate will be the biggest necessity for Baltimore.  The Texans have a good defense as well and what the 49ers taught us yesterday is that even if you aren't maybe as talented (arguable for the 49ers, at this point not so much with the Texans) turnovers can be the equalizer.  Turnovers will be the biggest thing that Flacco and Co. will need to avoid, if they can, their superior talent over the banged up Texans should stand out and carry them on to the next round.

Flacco plays smart, Ray Rice is close to unstoppable and the Ravens cruise to a relatively easy victory.

Prediction - Baltimore 24 - Houston Texans 10

NY Giants @ Green Bay Packers

The Giants have been giant killers before, knocking off the undefeated Patriots in that memorable Super Bowl.  On their way to that Super Bowl they went into Green Bay and on a snowy and cold night beat Brett Favre and a good Green Bay team.  You may remember Tom Coughlin's face during that match up:

The weather will be a bit warmer today (29 degrees and partly sunny instead of -4 in 2008), so Coughlin's face may get a break but his defense will be in the meat grinder all day trying to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense.  The Giants defense can be really good when getting pressure on the QB and the Packers offensive line has been known to be a bit porous at times.  To me that is the key to this game.  The Giants will be able to move the ball and score on the Packers defense.  New York's defense will have to try to keep Rodgers from trying to match Brady's performance yesterday. 

After going 0-2 yesterday in picks and taking the risky, and what now looks like stupid pick of the Broncos over the Patriots, you'd think I'd be in a less risky mood today.  You'd be wrong, I think the Giants defense is better than the Packers.  Enough so that they make up for the less potent offense in comparison to the Packers.  

Prediction - NY Giants 34 - Green Bay Packers 27 

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