Sunday, January 1, 2012

One time Lebron is just like Jordan...

'Bron and the future Mrs. James

Jordan just got engaged, and it seems Lebron's quest to "be like Mike" has begun before the Heat's title run in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.  Yes, it seems Lebron is now engaged just as well.
Lebron's Heat are undefeated so far in the young NBA season, and now he celebrates the New Year with an engagement to Samantha Brinson, who he has been with since high school and has two kids with. 

Congrats Lebron, now don't suck in the playoffs and you'll really have something.  

(Yup, it is after midnight so January 2nd is technically taken care of for me going 2 for 2 on posting in 2012 and living up to my New Year's resolution...) 


  1. Give it 3 months before he is cheating on her.

  2. That is very negative Anonymous.

    Your acting as if there is a history of professional athletes not being good at being monogamous.