Friday, January 6, 2012

Q and A with Jana Skrtic - Game Night

Jana, Whit, and C3 look to take down Seattle tonight

The 2011 Minnesota Valkyrie season has been full of ups and downs.  In their first game of the year, the Valkyrie took down cross state rivals, the Green Bay Chill.  In their following two games the Valkyrie have not been as fortunate, losing to both the Los Angeles Temptation, and the Chicago Bliss.  The health of starting QB Jana has been up and down too.  Jana started the season with and MVP performance against the Chill but the performance was short lived as she was knocked out the following game against the Temptation early in the first half.  Going into the last game of the season, STOB is happy to say Jana will be back at the helm and will try to end the season on a positive note.  Jana was nice enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions regarding her recovery and the upcoming game,

STOB:  How do you feel and are you fully recovered?

JANA:  I am feeling really great! Not100% yet, but getting better everyday. Still going through some therapy, I'll be back 100% next season.

STOB:  How have you stayed in game shape while dealing with your injury?

JANA:  The first month was pretty tough not being able to run yet, but I biked every chance I got. And let's not forget coaches said my hands were broken not my legs, so I still did sprints and conditioning with the team as much as possible. I haven't been able to strengthen my upper body the way I was before, but all that will come back.

STOB:  Do you feel like this is your first game all over again since you have missed the past two games?

JANA:  I'm just as nervous as before. I think I was actually most nervous before the Chicago game, just knowing that there was nothing I could do on the field to help the team was a real disappointment. But I know my place on this team and what what I am capable of. I will give it 110% tonight, as much As I physically and emotionally can.

STOB: What can Valkyrie fans expect from you guys when you play Seattle coming off of 2 straight losses?

JANA:  Our heart and soul. We are determined to prove that we work our butts off and that we are football players. We are going to go.back to the basics and do what we know best. Also, We're going to try and have as much fun as possible. This is probably our last game before a long off season, so plan on us bringing it!

STOB: What can we expect from Seattle?

JANA: Seattle is a strong team. They have been around and know how to play the game. They always start off with a trick play, so look out for that! They have a couple strong players, Werner and Hopkins both are Great athletes. We have prepared for it all!!!

STOB: Being this is the last game of the season, what would you rank your LFL experience this season 1-10 and why? (1 being horrible and 10 being great)

JANA: Most def a 12!!! This has been the most challenging, exciting, and life changing year of my life. I have meet some of the greatest people and coaches that give up their lives to help us achieve one common goal. I have started as QB of an expansion team, broken both arms, and have been defeated in front of thousands of people. Not many people can say that. I am so proud of my team and where we have come in the past 9 months. I am proud to be a Valk and will be until the day I die!! I love you ladies!! (and gents!)

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