Tuesday, January 17, 2012

STOB's Rubio Watch: Rookie Comparison with Jason Kidd

Rubio vs. Kidd as a rookie through 13 games...you'll be surprised who comes out on top.

Through now 13 games in his rookie year, it looks like Ricky Rubio is on his way to possibly a Rookie of the Year award.  Now there is a lot of season left, and his shot is starting to fall off a bit but the kid can play, that much we can say without a doubt at this point.  For our third installment (Steve Nash here, Chris Paul there) of the "Rubio Watch", with help from basketball-reference.com we compare Rubio with Jason Kidd, who did win co-ROY with Grant Hill way back when.  Tough match up for Ricky to match up with but nobody said this was going to be an easy recurring post.

To the stats!

Ricky Rubio through 13 games:

TotalsShootingPer Game

Jason Kidd rookie year through 13 games:

TotalsShootingPer Game

While I'd love to bring you some more in depth statistics, I think these two lines are all that is necessary to prove the point that Ricky Rubio is off to a great start, and a better start than the future hall of famer Jason Kidd.  Outside of turnovers, rebounds and steals (by two) Ricky has the upper hand on Kidd.  Jason Kidd much like Rubio had doubts from many about his shooting ability coming into the league, and they were substantiated it seems in his first 13 games with 32.5% fg and 14.7% 3pt shooting.  The thing is, Kidd worked on it and now only trails Reggie Miller and Ray Allen on the all time list of three point field goals made.  So even though Rubio is currently shooting over 40% from downtown, it is clearly not a strength of his game, but Kidd is an example and should inspire Rubio to work on it more and more and to become lethal if left open. 

Another good comparison for Rubio this week.  If you have a guy whose rookie season at PG you want compared to Rubio's, leave a comment or shoot us an email.  I'll re-compare some players throughout the year but new ideas are always welcome.

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