Monday, January 9, 2012

STOB's Rubio Watch: Rookie Comparison with Chris Paul

Does Rubio compare well with Chris Paul in Paul's rookie year?

Ricky Rubio is off to a great start so far his rookie season.  I am going to be tracking him all season and comparing his stats with rookie year stats through the same amount of games of All Star, and sometimes MVP caliber point guards to see how Ricky is stacking up.  In the first comparison we compared Ricky with the guy he is most compared to in Steve Nash, through 4 games.  Ricky fared well in that comparison, but we gave Nash a bit of a pass (or assist...wah wuhhhh) as he wasn't the same Nash we have come to know and love today in his rookie season, he took a while to season into the NBA great he is now.  The comparison doesn't get any easier for Rubio with Chris Paul this week.  Paul was a 4th overall pick out of Wake Forest, so much like Rubio (5th overall) had high expectations in his rookie year. 

Let's see how the stats (Provided by compare through 8 games:

Ricky Rubio Through 8 Games -


True Shooting % (Measurement that takes into account 2pt, 3pt and fts) - 57.4%
Assist % (% of teammate fg's assisted by a player when he is on court) - 44.6%

Chris Paul Rookie Year Through 8 Games -


True Shooting % - 49.4%
Assist % - 30.68%

Outside of points per game Rubio compares favorably in most areas to Chris Paul through 8 games.  This is  a bit of a surprise to me, I thought Paul might blow Rubio out of the water.  Rubio even wins in the more advanced stats of True Shooting % and Assist %. 

Again though this series of posts isn't to try to say, "Rubio is better," or, "Rubio is worse".  This is purely to bring you all the stats of what Rubio is doing and comparing those stats to other star point guards at the same point in their rookie season. 

So far Rubio is comparing well to Steve Nash and Chris Paul, next week we'll have to TRY to step up the competition for Rubio.  Ricky has a 4 game road swing (first was yesterday's win over Washington and a future comparison John Wall) this week with a nice home match up with Derrick Rose on Tuesday to split it up, so his stats may not look as good as they do through 8 games...we'll have to wait and see.

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