Monday, January 16, 2012

The DVR "Happy Wife (Significant Other) = Happy Life" Trick

May help you not be this guy.

Today for my 16th post in 16 days in 2012 (Going for everyday in 2012) I am going to give you a little DVR "trick" that I use to keep marital bliss going with Mrs. Duke.  As I type I am executing this maneuver to perfection.  There is a good chance that many of you already use this move, or just use two TV's in your house more than we do in ours.  So quickly here is how she can watch her shows and I can watch my sports and shows on the same night, and spend time together even...which if you don't know already ladies enjoy, and if you don't enjoy hanging with them I'll save you sometime and just tell you to look elsewhere for a lady, she ain't the one if you don't like spending time with her. 

"Happy Wife = Happy Life" DVR Trick:

Why does this exist?

First, just because you like to spend time with your gal, you may not like to watch what she watches all the time.  You have The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Any of the Kardashian clone shows, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Project Runway, blah blah get it.  While I get some laughs out of some of these shows, sometimes as the show intended but mainly unintended comedy by the corniness/stupidity.  A lot of the time, when one of these shows is on there is also a live sporting event that you want to watch on the best TV in the house. So you both want to watch something on the same night at the same time...if you have DVR and are alright with not seeing your sporting event completely live (say an hour or so behind maybe...turn off the phone to avoid Texty Ted giving away the score) give this a try.

Step 1: Set your DVR to tape both your sporting event and her show. 

Step 2 (Optional if you want to skip commercials): Watch a half hour show that is already taped on your DVR together, a show you both like. (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives is an example of a show for Mrs. Duke and I)

Step 3: Flip a coin who gets to have the first half hour of their program/sporting event first and start watching that.

Step 4: Watch that show, skipping past commercials (if Step 2 was used) and down time in sports (huddles, penalties, free throws, etc.) boring time in her shows that even she thinks are dumb (30 minute eliminations in dating shows...Hand out the freakin roses already bachelor guy, stop staring at them for 5 minutes in between each one!)

Step 5: Once you catch up to "live" of the show you are watching, this is the time you now switch to the other persons programming and repeat "Step 4".

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until one of both programs end.

Step 7: Count your points you just scored with your lady for spending an evening together while also both being able to watch the programming you want without any fighting whatsoever.

Again I think many of you have figured this out already, or have you own way of watching what you want but I've found this to be a great way to compromise.

Happy MLK Day!

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