Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Winter-X-Games are stupid

Don't act so excited Shaun, you knew you were going to win

So I’m on the couch Sunday night channel surfing for something good to watch. “What do you know, the Winter-X-Games are on again, I’ll have to check them out,” I say to myself in a sarcastic voice. I turned it on in perfect time to see the snowboarding Superpipe finals.

The first thing I heard after turning it on was that Shaun White had an injured ankle. In between his competitors runs down Buttermilk Mountain, the announcers had to have mentioned Shaun White being injured at least 10 times. Continuing to watch, I saw White’s competitors such as I-Pod, and Ryo Aono pull out tricks that looked exactly the same as White’s, which resulted in lower scores. To me the contest looked rigged from the beginning and after watching riders on the first round of four, I knew that this anticlimactic event would end in the flying tomatoes’ 5th consecutive Superpipe gold medal. Sidebar: Now I know loving to hate a villain is good for sports, insert, the New York Yankees, the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls, the Patriots of the early 2000’s, but 5 consecutive gold medals without even a glimpse of getting a silver…. Now that is just plain out boring if you ask me.

The worst part about the whole viewing/listening experience was the announcers trying to make it seem like someone could actually beat Shaun White. I just wanted to call up Sal Masekela and say, “yo Sal, you are not fooling anyone by saying, Shaun might need to worry about I-Pod this round, or that Shaun needs to have a great run this round if he wants to take home the hardware, we all know the gold medal was already his before the riders even woke up this morning, good job on trying to capture the audience with excitement, really…I mean it…. good attempt….I'm wetting myself here..... but we are not stupid, and we know how the competition is going to end.”

And then what finally put me over the edge late Sunday night was the perfect score White received on his 4th run down the pipe. At this point White had already won the contest, and now he was just “winning it outright” as Masekela put it. You can see the run right here and as I said before, I don’t understand how the scoring works, nor why the mctwist will score you more points than the mcflurry, but how does someone get a perfect score even though their hand hits the snow on the final jump??? When the other riders would stumble, or lose their footing for even a split second, the announcers would say, “oh, that ‘s really too bad, that is going to definitely deduct some points off of his score.” What!!!!! I mean, this run is radical and everything, but how does it qualify as a perfect score, the only perfect score in X-Games-History on the Superpipe???!?

Rate it yourself... Does this run deserve a perfect 100???


  1. Any "sport" that requires judges sucks and is probably guilty in many instances of being rigged.

    boxing - check
    ice skating - check
    xgames bs - check
    olympic judged crap - check
    other judged stuff I can't think of right now - check

    oh yeah..dunk contests - check

  2. I have to disagree on boxing. It's the only one of the sports you listed in which your opponent can wake up staring at the lights from a beating induced coma which you delivered rendering zero doubt as to who the rightful victor of the contest was. Granted, it can go to the scorecards, but there can also be a knockout. There isn't a knockout in the other sports.

  3. Hey Ben,
    Funny how you say that "Any sport that requires judges sucks and is probably guilty in many instances of being rigged." I guess what you meant was that only sports you are not interested in suck. All sports have judges. Only some sports call them referees or umpires. I don't know if you know this, but they make a "judgement" on the field/court/etc. if people are following the rules of the game. And as far as being rigged, I can't imagine any college/pro sports game could ever be rigged like the x games or any on your list. Yeah right.

  4. Good old Al!

    Good point, there is a way around the judges in boxing. And I was a bit harsh with the "sucks" comment, more so it is frustration with the horrible judging that does go on in all of those sports that take the entire happenings of the event and then judge winner and loser, instead of sports like basketball or baseball. Where in the referee makes calls of single plays that indeed can end up affecting the result of the game, but never are the referees the full decision maker of a winner or loser.

    I get it others like the X-Games and Olympic sports with judges...sorry I was so harsh Al and thanks for your comment...i'll always think every quick comment and opinion through all the way prior to making it from now on...

    Yeah right!!! As if!!! Not!!!

  5. Don't hate because Captain Ketchup can do McDingleberry's on the Stupidpipe better than you. I suppose your hatred for judges stems from early spelling bees as a child?

    Spelling Judge:"The word is Cat." Ben: "Can you use it in a sentence?" Judge: "The cat peed on my hunting clothes." Ben: "K...A...T" Judge: "Sorry Ben, that is incorrect." Ben: "From this day forward, I will always hate judged competitions."

  6. i get what your saying about the stumble on the last trick. but it was a trick that no one in the world would even attmept to try. let alone land. and there is a difference between stumbling on a trick every competitor can pull, and stumbling on a trick that no one in the world can pull. plus, shaun white's average height above the pipe he pulled tricks with was higher than some of the other competitors highest height. thats just dominance. i agree it was anticlimatic and that we all knew white was gonna win, but i'm not sure it's as baised as you believe.

  7. Good comment KP!

    Thanks for the comment and for reading.