Monday, January 23, 2012

What a way to go Joe

Joe Sandusky or Joe Paterno?

Rewind back to October 29th, 2011. Joe Paterno, arguably one of the most successful NCAA football coaches of all time, wins his 409th game. With this win, Paterno passes Eddie Robinson for the most wins in NCAA football history. Paterno has also led Penn State to two national championships and owns the record for most bowl appearances with 37, and most bowl victories with 24. All is well in Happy Valley! JoePa will most likely retire next year, or the year and after, and Penn State can slowly celebrate with Joe on his way to a happy retirement.

Fast forward to the present. Paterno is no longer with us. To put it bluntly, all hell has broken loose over the past two months. In early November reports came out that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was being charged for sexual abuse. Penn State later finds out that Paterno knew about the sexual abuse and did not take the proper steps to reporting the incident…..Joe Paterno is fired from his head coaching position at Penn State.  Fast forward a few weeks later. Reports come out that Paterno’s health is deteriorating and he is battling lung cancer. 

Insert my reaction: It is too late to say it but LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!  I do not agree with how Paterno handled the sexual abuse scandal and I also believe he could have done much more to protect the innocent children from the Monster Sandusky is, but Sandusky being the monster should be the real focus here, not Paterno. Over the past few months the media has created such a buzz around Joe Paterno and the scandal, that looking back at the situation today, I almost feel as if Paterno was the one who sexual assaulted the children. Did the media’s relentless badgering of Paterno have to do with his early death? Obviously that is impossible to answer but it does make one think…… according to The National Cancer Institute, Studies have indicated that stress can affect tumor growth and spread of cancer.

I understand without media that the topic of "sexual abuse" may not have come to the forefront as much as it has after the Sandusky case, and I think bringing this topic to light is tremendous.  However, pin pointing the scandal on one man, the man who did not even commit the crime, is detrimental.

Though this may be frustrating to read, or you may totally disagree with my premise, it should make you think….. When does the media go to far, and at what point in time, should you not cross the line?


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  1. Derrick I salute you for taking on this tough and awkward situation.

    It is tough because I am not sure anyone knows how to feel about it, "it" being the Penn State Sandusky issue as it relates to Joe Pa. The guy was the beaming light in many ways of all that was right with college football and none of what was wrong with it. Then this situation, of which we are still not entirely sure of his involvement/lack of action/lack of knowledge/etc. and all of what he worked for has been tarnished. You feel bad for him, worse for victims and wonder if this situation had never happened how much longer he'd been around. Bright side of Joe Pa being gone is that now he is out of the picture and everyone can focus on the bastard Sandusky...the sights of a 9mm should have been focused on his head already...but I guess due process is there for a reason (see the crumbling case against Bernie Fine)...If guilty though I hope the fellas in prison make ol' Jerry suffer.

    Good article D.