Monday, February 6, 2012

Gisele - "My husband cannot [expletive] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."

"Oh crap, Gisele is going to be pissed."

So Gisele was a little upset with hubby Tom's wide receivers post game and pretty much threw them under the bus for the Pats loss last night in the Super Bowl.  Her full comment, that was caught as she was catching an elevator and being heckled by Giants fans, was, "You (have) to catch the ball when you're supposed to catch the ball.  My husband cannot [expletive] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."  First of all Gis...can I call you Gis?  If you can't say it in front of your grandmother you shouldn't say it at all, and I think that statement by which I like to live by, is appropriate here.  Control your emotions Gis!  Now I will say that Hernandez's drop was bad on the game's final drive, but Branch and Welker's drops were not easy catches and especially on Welker's you can make the case that your hubby actually made a bad throw, that yes, usually Welker makes up for by making the catch, but this time he didn't.  Team game, and the better team probably won last night.

Overall I thought the Super Bowl was a bit boring until the fourth quarter.  Then, yet again, these two teams treated us to great football and a very exciting finish.  The Giants were the better team in my estimation.  They dominated the first half, but were unable to capitalize on the Patriots slow start and ended up trailing by 1 as Madonna showed us all why pop sensations are 99% of the time between the age of 18-30.  

Sure she did a fine job, but let's be honest no 52 year old woman likes LMFAO enough to writhe around on a turntable with the two long haired weirdos as they "sang" one of the dumber songs in recent memory.  I am all for older women getting out there, strutting their stuff and all that, but if you are proud of being older and mature and yet still beautiful and all that jazz, why are you trying to fake like your still 21?  Embrace the age and act mature instead of trying to be what you once were, just be yourself.  

Second half came around, and I was only really pondering what Platinum beer tastes like?  My assumption is it will taste like every other light beer and is probably the same thing as Budwieser Select, just with a brand new shiny blue bottle and new name.  As far as the football went, we all know what happened.  Brady and the Pats got a lead, were unable to stretch it out, Eli and Giants chipped away with two field goals and then Manningham makes "The Catch 2.0", Bradshaw scores the least wanted Super Bowl touchdown of all time, Gis gets pissed as Hernandez drops an easy pass on the final drive, Gronk almost makes the miracle catch on the hail mary, Gis gets pissed he missed it and ball game.  Giants win again 21-17, just as STOB'ers picked in our online poll in which NOBODY picked the Patriots to win (I also picked the Giants, and finished the 6-5 in predicting the NFL Playoffs...not great but I'll take it).  

We are left still, with some questions.

What if Welker makes his catch?  How awkward was Raymond Berry walking through the Giants for what seemed like a half hour delivering the Lombardi trophy?  Could a dog really lose all that weight?  What if Bradshaw had stopped and not scored?  Would Tynes have made the easiest kick ever? Or, would we be discussing the worst miss of all time and see Scott Norwood (who I have a bit of a dislike for as a Bills fan) reappear as he would then not be the worst Super Bowl choker?  If he had missed after Bradshaw did stop prior to scoring, would all the idiots saying he shouldn't have scored today be saying he should have just scored and taken the lead?  Does everyone now groan when they see Betty White as she has now jumped the shark multiple times but then still after groaning do you still like her anyways?  What if Gronkowski's ankle was better?  How many dogs are now going to be named "Wego"?  Why does Duke lose to all the teams from Florida? (maybe I am the only one asking that)  How many people puked as Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton looked at each other as they hit the final note of "America the Beautiful"?  What if Tom Brady could throw and catch his own pass?  And finally, how drunk did everyone get from playing the STOB Super Bowl Drinking Game?

NFL season is over, so now the NFL attention starts to be turned to the draft!  We have one top 10 mock draft done, but there will be many more versions to come prior to the draft so keep a close eye on STOB.

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