Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeremy Lin (and the Knicks) Get JR Smith

Lin + Smith = In-Lin-cible?.....sorry

Was it that Lin is an American born player with Chinese bloodlines that made JR Smith decide to head to New York after playing in China?  Smith headed over to China with ex-Denver Nugget teammates Kenyon Martin (who has since signed with the Clippers) and Wilson Chandler (said to be coming back next week and re-signing with the Nuggets) when the NBA Lockout looked as if it may cause the entire NBA season to be cancelled.   Ever since a deal was reached, players locked into overseas contracts have been looking to complete buyouts to get back to the NBA.  When the news struck that JR Smith was coming back, some here on STOB (Derrick), got excited and hoped the Timberwolves (who lack a true SG currently) would go and sign him.

We got Lin-ed (again)!

There is little doubt in my mind that the reason the Wolves lost out on JR Smith (outside of the fact playing in New York seems to draw the eye of almost every single NBA free agent and he never showed any real interest in the Wolves, nor did the Wolves in him) was due to the draw of Linsanity himself, Jeremy Lin.  When all you do is "Lin, Lin, Lin", you draw others to want to play with you.  

So now JR Smith joins the Lin Party and should help them out some.  It never hurts to bring in another athletic three point shooter (they already have Steve Novak who is an athletic three point shooter).  I personally still feel like this Lin craziness will all die down once Carmelo Anthony returns and takes his 20+ shots a night and in turn removes many of the 17 shots that Lin has averaged over the past 7 games.  Lin will probably fall more into the statistical range that he had in his last game with 10 points 13 assists.

The issue then for Lin is that if you aren't scoring much, you no longer will be able to commit over 5 turnovers a game as he has.  Scoring makes that easier to swallow, but if you are just trying to distribute to others, the turnovers need to be reduced.  It should help that Carmelo, along with shooting more, will also take the ball out of Lin's hands more on possessions, which should then reduce his turnovers a bit.

One thing is for sure the addition of JR Smith only brightens the already very bright lights shining on the Knicks right now and Jeremy Lin.  The light is so bright, the STOB Crew discussed Jeremy Lin (and JR Smith) on our most recent podcast.  Safe to say we aren't long term believers, but we have been impressed with what he has done...outside of Ken...he hates him for some reason.  Take a listen!

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  1. It will be interesting to see how much chemistry they can develop.