Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and Michael Beasley have something in common

It’s political season and as the Republican candidates battle one another for a shot to become the next President of the United States, the race for the Timberwolves wingman position is heating up as well.  For conversation purposes, let’s set the field of candidates so there is no confusion.  In this year’s Timberwolves wingman position (WP) race there are four nominees:

Mitt Romney – Michael Beasley

Just as Romney is the clear front runner in the Republican race right now, the clear front runner for the Wolves WP certainly should be Michael Beasley right?  I mean, Beasley’s 6’10” frame and freakish athletic ability makes him as clear cut of a wingman as Romney’s cheesy smile makes him the clear cut Republican nominee for president…right?  Both of these guys have the talent and supporters to win their elections.  I mean, Beasley was a second overall pick for crying out loud!!! David Kahn and the Miami Heat GM must have seen something special with the Kansas St. phenom, but much as the republican voters can’t look past Romney’s sleezy politics, we the people can’t look past Beasley’s off the court issues, as well as his inability to get it done on the court consistently.  Beasley, much like Romney cannot get out of his own way.  Whether it’s one of Romney's secret bank accounts off shore, or a secret stash of cannabis underneath B-easy’s bed, both of these guys know how to hide the green stuff.

Rick Santorum- Derrick Williams

These candidates have all the potential in the world.  Santorum now with 72 delegates is now only 51 delegates behind Romney who has 123 (if you don’t know what delegate stands for go here http://www.gop.com/images/legal/2008_RULES_Adopted.pdf.)  He may still seem like he is in a distance second, however after winning Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, he proves he is a legitimate contender.  Another legitimate contender for the Timberwolves WP is DWill.  Williams is averaging 7 points, and 4 rebounds per game.  These two candidates have a lot in common in that DWill only is averaging 18 minutes a game and Santorum only  started getting his name out there just recently.  Both candidates have yet to be able to show their true talents and only time will tell before a clear determination can be made on whether or not they should be the nominee.

Newt Gingrich – Wesley Johnson

These candidates are perfect examples of the word disappointment.  Newt much like Wes had me extremely excited at first!! When Newt first started attacking Romney in the debates and even John King of CNN after asking him a pointless question, I have to admit, I jumped on the Newt bandwagon.  It didn’t take much for me to jump on the Wes Johnson bandwagon.  I was a huge fan of his coming out of Syracuse and thought he would fill the WP the Wolves desperately needed.   He showed in college he could hit the outside shot, drive at will, and even play a little defense.  In the NBA Wes has shown glimpses of promise, and even played a little defense, however after all the excitement Wes provided me with early, much like Newt’s fireworks of excitement, I am now wondering whether or not Wes will be on the Wolves much longer or if Newt will be in the Republican race.  

Ron Paul – Martell Webster

Both of these candidates seem to grasp the youth of this nation’s attention.  Paul with his crazy view on foreign policy and Webster with his crazy hair always seem to put a smile on your face.  Though Webster can knock down the three and give you an always important perimeter threat, it is his lack of knowledge for the game that has you scratching your head, see below.
Paul’s “grandpa next door” personality and love of the constitution makes Abraham Lincoln blush however, it is his lack of knowledge on current politics that have you doing a double take.  Both candidates are guys you want to root for but are also guys you don’t want doing your taxes.    

So it looks like none of the wingmen the Wolves currently have can get the job done.  There is always Anthony Tolliver???

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