Sunday, February 5, 2012

NFL Super Bowl Prediction: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

Ben's Playoff Prediction Record: 5-5

I am at .500 on my predictions this NFL Playoffs, it all comes down to this, Super....Bowl....Sunday to decide if I can have a winning prediction record or not.  Leading up to the Super Bowl here on STOB we have given you something to do while watching the game in our Super Bowl Drinking Game.  We also gave you a look at how possibly Super Bowl Sunday could bring us together as a nation.  Today it's all about the prediction of the game.  A prediction I will be making with a bit too much gin still running through my brain from last night, so I am not predicting at a 100% right now...which in reality maybe a bonus.


Gronkowski is a big part of this game to me.  How well he is running on his sore ankle and able to do the things that allowed him to set all sorts of TE receiving records this season will be one of the biggest keys to this game.  The other key for New England will be their defense trying to slow down a very hot Eli Manning.  Getting the ball out of the Giants hands and allowing Brady more time on the field will be key if the Patriots hope for this game not to end up different from their early November loss to the Giants.


The key will be to do what they did in the last title match up with the Patriots.  They need to get pressure on Brady and keep him looking over his shoulder and uncomfortable in the pocket.  Sure tackling will also be key, with all the dink and dump passes the Patriots make to great after the catch runners in Welker, Hernandez and Gronk.  On offense, the Giants know they can pass, but to win this game they will need to get the ground game going with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  If they can get those two some holes early, then that will open up their play action passing game and chew up time of possession, keeping Brady and the lethal Patriots offense off the field.


I see a shoot out in this game.  I think nobody can shut down the Patriots offense if they have their rhythm going and I don't think the Patriots defense has it in them to consistently stop anyone, especially not Eli and the Giants.  To me though, the Giants will again be able to come up with just enough stops and give Eli the ball last allowing him to get his 2nd title and forever shrug off the "Peyton's lil' brother" label.  

New York Giants 38 - New England Patriots 31

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