Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Sho Valentine's Day Pick Up Lines

Don't be this guy

So Fellow STOB’ers, we all know if you follow our site, you probably are a debonair when it comes to dealing with the female race. Sorry to burst your bubbles but I have a feeling that some of you need some help when talking to your special someone. Well have no fear, the STOB crew is here to give you the Top 10 Pick Up Lines that you DON’T want to say this Valentines day.

(Top 10 list provided by, commentary provided by the STOB crew)

Number 10

“Great legs, what time do they open?”

- That is a really disgusting line to start a conversation with. You more than likely are a creepy guy with no social skills, or love to make closing statements because that will be the last time she will ever talk to you.

Number 9

“You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night.”

- Classic line to say the least, but try to freshen it up a little bit man, don’t use a joke your grandpa used on your grandma 50 years ago.

Number 8

“Hey girl, what’s up? Guess what? It’s your lucky day. Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to.”

- Dokay….. Here is a classic guy that thinks he is Mr. Big Stuff. Breaking news dude, you’re not, and if you were, you would not need to pick a girl to talk to, they would be lining up to talk to you.

Number 7

“That shirt’s very becoming on you. Of course, if I were on you I’d be coming too.”

- Wow! Does anyone really say that?  Sick!

Number 6

“Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?”

- Unless you are at a strip club, or have rented out an escort, I don’t think you should be offering the beautiful lady money.

Number 5

“Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.”

-Smooth, very smooth.  A.  She prob would think you are irresponsible if you lost your phone number and B. Generally it is good to small talk for a little bit before asking for the number.
Number 4

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?”

-I quite like this one actually because it is clever.  It makes you think for a split second and it's pretty harmless.
I might have to try this on my fiance'.

Number 3

“Excuse me; I think you owe me a drink.”[She says, "Why?"] “Because when I saw you from across the room I dropped mine. It was a rum and Coke, and I’m [your name].”

- Clever but a little cheesy, and a bit too long.  You have to grab her attention right away, not read her a novel.

Number 2

“Is your last name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get.”

- Never use a slogan from a commercial.  Might as well have said, "is your body from McDonald's, cuz bada ba ba ba I'm lovin it"  Don't be surprised if you get slapped across the face if you pull a line like this.

Number 1

“Do you come here often?”

- Ding Ding Ding.  This one is the winner.  I think this is a good question to ask because it starts a conversation without a cheesy catch phrase or slogan.  Girls like small talk and like when you ask them a short question, and then listen to them give a long answer.  Key phrase in there is "listen."

So good luck February 14th.  We are in your corner. 

We are also here to share a tear in your beer.


  1. What about “have you ever seen Tennessee? Cus you’re the only ten I see”

  2. As a lady I suggest simply stating the obvious. Tell me how beautiful I am then buy me a drink, never gets old!

  3. Look, if a women isn't warming up to your pick up lines you can just tell them to, "...stop acting like a B or you won't sleep with them." If that doesn't work hit on her friend.