Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pau Gasol and Ricky Rubio a match made in heaven

Will the Spaniards reunite?

According to many sources now, the Timberwolves are interested in Lakers center Pau Gasol.  The bait we are dangling in front of Kobe and LA is California native Derrick Williams.  Though it may be too early to give up D-Will, I think Gasol would fill a significant role that we are in need of, other than a shooting guard.  Yes, Pec has been playing solid this season, but after Pec, we have no big man talent. Darko is a disappointment and Randolph and Miller are non factors. If David Kahn and the Wolves are indeed interested in this trade, I think we need to acquire more pieces.  Pieces like Andrew Goudelock or Jason Kapono; players that can knock down the outside shot and spread the defense out. 

Here are some Pros and Cons with this potential trade:

-Gasol and Rubio are fellow countrymen and would play excellent together.
-Gasol brings a legitimate center threat to the Wolves, a threat we have really never had.
-The ability to have a one two center punch like Gasol and Pec would wear down the opposing team.
-Trading DWill would help slim down our stock pile of tweeners like Beasley, Webster, Johnson, Tolliver, and Williams.

-Gasol is getting older and does not have the upside DWill has.
-DWill has not had enough time to prove what kind of player he really is.  We could be trading a future star.
-The tweeners I talked about in the Pros are not necessarily something to take to the bank.  Players like Beasley and Wes are talented sure, but they really haven't lived up to their billing.

So STOB nation... What do you think the Wolves should do??

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