Friday, February 24, 2012

Recession? F-that we are rioting over $220 sneakers...

Ugly as hell but worth rioting for...cause they glow in the dark!

The economy sucks, but we are rioting over a shoe?

That is my question to all of you idiots that lined up for days to then riot just to get your hands on a pair of over priced shoes with a glow in the dark sole.  We hear it everyday on the news that people are struggling day to day in the US and that the 1% is holding us down.  Yet, I doubt many of the 1% were in line, throwing elbows to pay $220 (FREAKIN $220!) for a pair of ugly as hell basketball shoes!

Some idiot named Henry (I'll skip your last name Henry even though if people want they can go to this story to find it...I am saving you the embarrassment), 19, showed just how bad the economic downfall is in this country right now and explained his hardships,  “I'm losing a whole paycheck to come here cause I got off work for a week."  Yup, took a week off of work to then wait in line for what?  Must have been something really important in a bad economy, like food rations or a new better paying job, right?  Nah, two hundred dollar shoes of course!  Henry if I was your employer you'd be losing more than a weeks pay when I figure out that you are wasting your dumb ass time waiting in line for a week for a freakin shoe!

This is just something that caught my eye and makes me kind of laugh at the terror that is reported nightly on the news.  That America is about to fall apart, making it sound like the Christian Children's Fund will soon be walking through the US showing bony little kids with flies in their eyes asking for help.

Not to get too preachy (probably too late), but that same 99% of America that was making all that noise this fall doesn't know crap about struggling.  Most still have IPhones or Android phones made by Foxcomm workers that actually do know what struggling is.

I am not saying that we aren't struggling as a country in comparison to what we expect from ourselves, but we aren't doing too bad in reality and this display of pure consumerism on a totally insignificant luxury just shows how far we truly are from "struggling" in the US.  I get it, there are individual cases of people doing the right thing everyday and still not catching a break.  I know, don't rip me on the comments for being unsympathetic. I am not talking about the people doing it the right way, I am talking about these idiots:

Oh and these idiots in December over Air Jordans:

I also understand some are in such a rush to get these shoes to then go sell them for even more on the internet, but that fact only further proves my point that people still have a lot of "expendable" income to spend on such a stupid thing as basketball shoes.

Sorry, not trying to be a downer here on a Friday but this pissed me off more than Ken watching the Gophers blow. <--I was going to put, "blow a lead" there but then thought "blow" was appropriate enough.

To get you back in a good mood here is an oldie but a goodie:

There's that smile!  Have a good weekend!

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