Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ricky Rubio's Dancing

Rubio may not have had his best night last night (32 minutes, 7 points, 6 turnovers, 6 assists, 2 of 7 fgs and 1-6 fts) but he made up for all of that in the 4th quarter.  Derrick Williams finished an "and one" with 56 seconds to go to tie the game and Ricky was a bit excited, and that excitement came out in a very goofy...walking or like...bobbing head thingy that you can see over and over again in above gif.

Does this resemble Ken dancing after a few too many Summits? (yes)

Well whatever it was and whatever will come from it (probably nothing) I thought it was funny. Also I am thinking of any STOB'ers that had to decide whether to watch the Wolves vs. Jazz or Gophers vs Michigan State and may have missed this priceless moment.

I understand, the Wolves were playing horrible and looked like they were going to lose, while the Gophers were up on Michigan State in the second half, possibly sealing their NCAA Tournament hopes.  So you homer loving, Tubby believers for some reason thought the Gophers would be able to hang onto said lead and didn't even set the DVR to continue taping the rest of the Wolves game, too busy looking forward to celebrating a Gopher win.  Well you were wrong in your belief in the Gophers and you also missed this priceless dance by Ricky.  Oh but don't worry, Ben is here for you on STOB and I've brought this to you to get you out of your midget squirrel depression after they blew it last night.

So enjoy and have fun sharing!

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