Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rockin that mask like.....

As the Dream would say, "she goin right, she going left, she rocking that sh*t like.."  Let's insert our own STOB lyrics, "he going cross over left, he cut to the hoop, he rockin that mask like..."  Though an ass and a plastic mask are completely different things, I thought the song fit the bill for this discussion.  So what are the top 5 NBA face masks you may ask??  Well we have them right here for you.

1.  Rip Hamilton -  The grandfather of the face mask, Rip can rock the plastic like no one else.                                                 
2. Chairman Bill - Don't know if it's a good look or bad look for Bill but either way, if you don't like it on him, he will punch you in the face.
3. Lebron James - Even though he only wore it for a while, the fact that he was the first real star to wear one, LBJ proved you can still have swagger and wear a mask.
4. Joe Johnson - I didn't even know Joe wore a mask but it is what we call in the business a "No Sho" look.
5. Kobe Bryant - Last but not least we have Kobe.  Wearing it tonight against the T-Pups, Kobe was forced by team doctors to put it on or else!  Just doesn't fit does it?

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  1. What about Peja Stoakovic?? Spelling??

    didn't he wear one

    Mooly Top