Friday, February 24, 2012

STOB's NFL Mock Draft 2012 1.1 (Updated Draft Order Post Coin Flip)

Well there was a coin toss this morning between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers.  It was won by the Dolphins so they now get the 8th pick and the Panthers get the 9th.  So, in mock 1.1 we have made that adjustment.  As well as a couple other small tweaks, but not big enough tweaks to make this "Mock 2.0".  Gotta love Mock Draft season!

1. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

It appears that pre-March 8, when Peyton Manning is due $28 million option bonus, the Colts will be done with Manning.  Most arrows are pointing towards the winds of change in Indy having Manning also being swept away to bring in the new.  Andrew Luck is the pick here either way, so really forget about all the Manning crap, Luck will be wearing white and blue next year.

2. St. Louis Rams - Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor

Now more likely than the Rams actually picking RG3 is them trading the pick to another team who then picks RG3 at #2, but either way the more teams see of Griffin the more they like him and his stock will continue to rise to force himself to be the 2nd pick overall.  Even if the Rams keep the pick and take Griffin, it maybe the right move as Bradford can then be moved after his very uninspiring sophomore campaign.  News today says that the Rams are listening to offers for the second pick, so it seems they will give Bradford another shot and could reel in some nice assets for this pick so someone else can grab the Heisman Trophy winner.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Matt Kalil OL, USC

This is "the" pick for the Vikings, unless they can get a good offer for a trade as well.  If there is someone still within the top 10 that wants to move up to 3 and allows the Vikings to then go grab Riley Reiff from Iowa, they'd be intrigued as they have so many holes to fill (easy there dirty mind). If there was a cornerback that you could argue should be taken this high you could see them going that way to shore up a aging and lackluster secondary, but since Kalil is a step above them in talent and Charlie Johnson isn't the answer on the end, Kalil is the pick.  Also, it is a safe pick that is great to pair with Christian Ponder for the next decade, if Ponder can make it that long as the starter as he seems to be on the fence even for next year.

4. Cleveland Browns - Trent Richardson RB, Alabama

This one stays the same from my first mock draft.  They go with Richardson, cut ties with Hillis and hope McCoy makes a jump with a full off season with the coaching staff, something he did not have last year with the lockout after a promising rookie campaign.  RG3 being off the board will take some of the pressure off of Browns management to think about replacing McCoy as they shouldn't be expected to go and try to trade up to get him.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Morris Claiborne CB, LSU

A new coach will be in town and Tampa will add depth behind the very old Ronde Barber by acquiring the to CB in Morris Claiborne from LSU.  Doesn't really matter what the Bucs do on D though if Josh Freeman doesn't find his 2010/11 game and lose his 2011/12 game that stunk along with WR Mike Williams.

6. Washington Redskins - Ryan Tannehill QB, Texas A&M;

"  STOP!"?  I wrote that previous sentance when I had RG3 falling to the Redskins or the Redskins trading up for him.  Is Ryan Tannehill going to stop the QB shuffle that has been going on in Washington?  I am not sure, but this is an organization that is just crazy enough to give it a shot.  Now there are two other big options for the Skins, first would be to trade for the 2nd pick and get Robert Griffin III.  The second idea would be to sign Peyton Manning as a free agent.  If the second option is taken, Ryan Tannehill still maybe in play with the 6th pick to then start grooming Peyton's replacement as he is a short term solution and that will make this look like less of a reach as the risk isn't as big if they have Manning.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Blackmon WR, OK State

Blaine Gabbert needs help at WR where Mike Thomas is his best option, along with Mercedes Lewis at TE.  Blackmon falls from his previous spot on my draft board of 2nd overall, and the Jaguars are thrilled with this.  Blackmon is a nice value at 7 and adds some fire power for Gabbert who needs all the help he can get.

8. Miami Dolphins - Riley Reiff OL, Iowa

Draft another stud lineman and then go get Peyton Manning before Washington does and bring the thrill back to Miami.  That is my game plan for the Dolphins.  Keep up with the trend set by the other pro franchises in the city and bring in the big stars and make a splash.

9. Carolina Panthers - Michael Brockers DT, LSU

Offensively the Panthers have a ton of weapons as it seems the Cam Newton risk has become a huge reward.  Taking the pre-combine best defensive tackle in Brockers will help anchor their suspect defense.  Panthers need to get their defense solidified and then could be a serious playoff contender next year, Brockers is a start.

10. Buffalo Bills - Melvin Ingram OLB, South Carolina

One of the worst defenses in the league needs to keep getting players to stop the bleeding.  After getting the DT position filled last draft with Marcell Dareus the Bills will now look at the LB position and go after Melvin Ingram.  The Bills have a great offense, but not great enough to overcome their defense.  Ingram isn't the full answer but should help.  Look for Courtney Upshaw of Alabama and Ingram to battle it out on who the best OLB in the draft is, whoever wins that battle will likely end up with the Bills at 10.

The Rest of the First Round:

11. Kansas City Chiefs - Jonathan Martin OT, Stanford

Just got Stanford Routt from rival Oakland.  Jamaal Charles will be happy to see another road grater in front of him as he returns from injury.

12. Seattle Seahawks - Quinton Couples DE, UNC

Don't be surprised if Couples goes earlier, but if he doesn't the Seahawks will likely nab him.

13. Arizona Cardinals - David DeCastro OG, Stanford

Kevin Kolb seemed to be hurt all of the time last year.  This may not be the O-line's fault but the Cards will still look to add to it and hope to help Beanie Wells build off his breakout season as well as protect Kolb by grabbing DeCastro.

14. Dallas Cowboys - Dre Kirkpatrick CB, Alabama

Anyone else get a strange enjoyment from watching Rob Ryan going insane every time his craptastic secondary got burned and gave up a Cowboy's lead last year?  I did.  Jerry Jones didn't, so Dre Kirkpatrick will be the pick if he is still there to try to help Ryan's head not explode.

15. Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Kuechly ILB, Boston College

Studs all over the field for the Eagles if you look at their depth chart, then you look at the inside linebackers...and you don't recognize much unless you are a real NFL rube.  Eagles go after one in the first round.

16. New York Jets - Courtney Upshaw OLB, Alabama

As previously discussed, Upshaw is either the best or second best outside linebacker in the draft with Melvin Ingram, if Upshaw is taken at 10 by Buffalo, then move Melvin Ingram into 16 with the Jets.

17. Cincinnati Bengals - Janoris Jenkins CB, N. Alabama

Bengals love guys with issues, so why not take a guy that is uber talented but was kicked off of the Florida Gators for a fight (2009) and marijuana charges (2011)?

18. San Diego Chargers - Whitney Mercilus DE, Illinois

Not a ton of sacks from the DE position for San Diego last year, Mercilus lead the nation in sacks last year with 16.  He could bring some needed pass rush from the DE position.

19. Chicago Bears - Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame

Hey Jay Cutler, do you want a big super athletic and talented WR to throw to instead of scrubs and the WR once named Roy Williams?  K, here is Michael Floyd.

20. Tennessee Titans - Nick Perry DE, USC

Titans need some pressure from the edge and Nick Perry (9.5 sacks in 2011) could be their choice.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Devon Still DT, Penn State

Could be great value for Bengals at 21 with Devon Still falling to them.

22. Cleveland Browns - Kendall Wright WR, Baylor

Kendall Wright has been showing up much higher in some mocks, even as high as the top 10 I've seen, he bring kick returner skills as well and could be taken ahead of Michael Floyd.  If he falls to the Browns though they then add a RB (Richardson)/WR to help give McCoy some weapons.

23. Detroit Lions - Marc Barron SS, Alabama

CB is an option here, but Barron is too much value at 23 to pass up.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jerel Worthy DT, Michigan State

Steelers defensive line took a step back from what we've all expected from them in the past last year, so they take action by bringing in Jerel Worthy.  There are a ton of defensive tackles available.

25. Denver Broncos - Dontari Poe DT, Memphis

Tim Tebow.

26. Houston Texans - Rueben Randle WR, LSU

This just in!  Just because I put Rueben Randle in as being picked by the Texans, he hurt himself by jumping off the top of his house.  He said he just wanted to be hurt in order to better fit in with his future teammates.

27. New England Patriots - Alfonzo Dennard CB, Nebraska

New England had a horrible secondary and had to use a WR again at yeah they go CB.

28. Green Bay Packers - Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi State

Yes, another defensive tackle in this draft.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Peter Konz C, Wisconsin

Matt Birk is old, rumored to be possibly retiring and his contract is up even if he gives it another go.

30. San Francisco 49ers - Brandon Boykin CB, Georgia

Can Boykin catch a punt, or better yet just get out of the way of a bouncing ball?  Yup.

31. New England Patriots - Kendall Reyes DT, UConn

46 tackles last year for Reyes at UConn, 0 purposely allowed touchdowns (PATs, the other PAT).

32. New York Giants - Mike Adams OT, Ohio State

Cause Eli Manning said so.

So there you have it STOBers, that is the entire 1st round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  Let me know what you agree or disagree with in the comments section below.  Also this is only version 1.1, so there is more to come as we approach the NFL Draft.


  1. Chargers don't get sacks from their Defensive Ends. It's not their job

  2. "There are a ton of defensive linemen available." So why would the Steelers not take the one of that ton that could actually play noseguard, instead of drafting another tackle to replace one of the other first round tackles from the last three drafts?

  3. thanks for the comments boys (or gals), I'll be sure to keep your points in mind for Mock Draft 2.0. Be sure to check back and see if you like your teams picks better or not once I post that.