Monday, February 20, 2012

STOB President's Day Special: 2012 Sports Presidents

It's President's Day and even though I am not a government employee, I have it off....well...actually PTO to match up with Mrs. Duke having it as a holiday.  Yet, STOB doesn't get a day off! (except for the past Saturday and Sunday, oh and random other days we don't post for one reason or another)  So I am here to bring you a President's Day special that may just become a yearly thing, if I can remember a year from now that I did this write up.  So we all know that this day is not to just honor the current President, but also to honor the past, but today we are going to look at the current "Presidents" of sport.  So every American professional sport (that I can think of a good example) will get their "President" named and it just means they are either the best, or most impactful in said sport.  If you disagree with any of my picks, bring on the hate in the comments section and then I'll correct you.

NBA President - Kobe Bryant

Now I hear some of you thinking that Lebron should be the Prez, he is having a better overall statistical year and blah blah.  Yet, I and many others out there believe that Lebron showed himself to be a much better Vice Presidential candidate when he decided to switch districts to get a more favorable chance of winning an election.  A young up and coming Senator from Oklahoma is Kevin Durant, who just yesterday showed us all that he has his sights on next year, an election year, at trying to unseat Kobe.  Kobe has won re-election at this spot now many years in a row.  In sports, the President doesn't have term limits except for what your body allows, and for Kobe his physical term limit is about to be reached, leaving the seat open for either Lebron or Durant...or possibly another young baller will step in and surprise us all.

NFL President - Aaron Rodgers

Still early in his term, Rodgers is already being pressed to have to campaign hard to keep his seat.  There are many challengers running close in polling.  Tom Brady, a past President, is trying to run for re-election after bringing the Pats back to the Super Bowl this year.  The man that knocked off Brady, Eli Manning, once thought not to be Presidential material like his once President brother Peyton, has won now two Super Bowls and with another strong year like this one, could be the people's choice and make the Mannings the next Bush's.  Just as it seems that all actual President's come from Yale, almost all NFL Presidents come from the quarterback position.  The question for Rodgers is when he took a day off, his backup Matt Flynn showed that possibly Rodgers is more a product of his cabinet than his own individual skills, bringing some question to whether Rodgers truly is the best man for the spot of NFL President.  For now though, we have to keep him there.  Yet, every year is an election year and he'll have to campaign hard next year to keep his spot.

MLB President - Justin Verlander

Verlander just won election this past season, unseating long time MLB President Albert Pujols.  Don't cry for Pujols as he just signed the equivalent of a giant tell all book deal for real Presidents, with his monster contract with the Anaheim Angels.  MLB pitcher Presidents don't have a history of having long terms so this next election year will be interesting to watch to see if Verlander can hang on to his newly found position.  Will Pujols jump from his book signing tour to try to run for re-election?  Will Joe Mauer recover and make a comeback run? (homer take) Or will Tim Lincecum win election running on not only great pitching but also legalizing marijuana?  

NHL President - Evgeni Malkin

No Sidney Crosby?  Nope.  He currently is unable to fill his position of President, so insert his Vice President Evgeni Malkin for now.  I am no genius in hockey politics, so I hope there are some NHL political analysts or strategists (Paul Rome?) that can help me out if I have nominated the incorrect guy.  I have done some reading and see some arguments for Jonathan Toews, but I decided to go with Malkin.  Will Crosby ever recover and get back into the President role?  Or will his story be one like JFK of what could have have been...if..(do I dare go there?) his head didn't hold him back? (too soon?)

NASCAR President - Jimmie Johnson

Oh sure he didn't win last year's Cup Title and oh sure he started off this season with a penalty for illegal modifications at the Bud Shootout on the weekend prior to Daytona but still he is the most consistent and successful driver in NASCAR.  Kyle Busch maybe the guy (and my pick to win it all this year) who takes over the reigns for Jimmie but at this point is too immature and inconsistent.  Tony Stewart is the Speaker of the House.

PGA President - Phil Mickelson

After being thrown out of office for his steamy affairs Tiger Woods has been replaced by Phil Mickelson.  Who has gone with a 1st and 2nd place finishes to start the year in 2012.  Look for Phil to try to get a couple majors and solidify himself as the leader in the polls this election year.

MLS President - Landon Donovan

Donovan gets the nod over Beckham...mainly because during the Super Bowl we weren't forced to see Landon Donovan rotate on our screens in nothing but his under garments.

WNBA President - Diana Taurasi

The first female President!  Diana gets the nod over any hometown picks from the reigning WNBA champ Lynx.  Look for Maya Moore to make a run in the next election year though.

Have more nominations?  List them in the comment section below!

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