Friday, February 3, 2012

STOB's Super Bowl Drinking Game 2012

So we all know there are thousands of bets out there you can place on SuperBowl Sunday, from which QB will throw the first touchdown, to how long Kelly Clarkson's national anthem will last.  Since we here at STOB are financially unable to place bets exceeding 2 dollars, we figured we would stick to betting and wagering on the game using one of our favorite items.... Beer....

Now before I start with the rules, It is acceptable to drink a beverage of your choice other than beer.  A mixed drink would count, a straight shot would count if you are feeling adventurous, and yes, you can use soda or a non alcoholic beverage, but really, what's the fun in that.

On to the Game:

Let's start with the pregame.  NBC will be covering the SuperBowl pregame show so:

-Everytime Bob Costas mentions Tim Tebow or Brett Favre's name, take a drink.
-Everytime NBC previews the Summer Olympics in London, take a drink.
-Everytime you see a celebrity in a football jersey or making a fool of themselves, take a drink.
-Everytime NBC shows Madonna, take a drink.
-Everytime someone at your party says Madonna looks gross, take a drink.
-Everytime NBC shows/talks about Rob Gronkowski's ankle, take a drink.
-Everytime Peyton Manning is talked about even though he isn't playing in the game, take a drink.
-Everytime NBC talks about how great of a host city Indianapolis is, take a drink.

Minutes before the coin toss:

-If Kelly Clarkson shows up in a Giants uniform, take a drink.
-If Kelly Clarkson shows up in a Patriots uniform, take a drink.
-If Kelly Clarkson is wearing any sort of jersey, take a drink.
-If Kelly Clarkson screws up at any point of the national anthem, take two drinks.
-If the national anthem ends with fireworks, take a drink.
-If they have a fly over of any sort even though the game is being played in a dome, take 3 drinks.
-If they show a past president in his luxury box, take a drink.
-For every other celebrity sitting in the luxury box with the past president, take another drink for each.


-If you are a loyalty member of Papa Johns and the coin toss lands heads, you will receive a free pizza and a Pepsi.  If the coin toss is heads and you are a loyalty member, take a big drink and celebrate your free pizza.
-If the referee screws up in explaining the coin toss or if there is any mishap during the coin toss, take 2 drinks.
-If the first commercial after the coin toss involves a beer company, take 3 drinks.
-If Tom Brady throws the first touchdown, take a drink.
-If the first touchdown of the game is thrown to a tight end, take a drink.
-If an onside kick is attempted at any point of the game, take a drink.
-If they show Gisele, take a drink.
-Everytime they show any of the Manning clan watching Eli, take a drink.
-If you are the first to pick out...the other brother...point him out and name him, if correct, hand out 4 drinks.
-Everytime the broadcast crew talks about a specific play and how it could have tweaked Rob Gronkowski's ankle, take a drink.
-Everytime a comment is made by the NBC crew describing a football play but out of context sounds extremely sexually profane (ex. Look at how he just found that hole and then just pounded it up in there.) take 2 drinks.
-Anytime that Patriots owner Robert Kraft's deceased wife is brought up, have a respectful drink.
-Every ad for NBC's Smash, take a sip...there will be a lot of them.
-Every ad for NBC's The Voice, take a sip....there maybe just as many.
-During an ad for NBC's The Voice, if anyone at the party says something close to, "Hey guys..derrr...did you guys see the video of Christina Aguilera with that stuff running down her leg from dat funeral thing?", tell that guy to drink 5.
-At your party, for every bag of chips (chex mix counts) at your snack table, take a drink.
-If Victor Cruz scores and does his salsa dance, chug your drink for the entirety of the dance.
-If Chad OchoCinco makes a positive play at all in the game, take a drink.
-Everytime NBC shows a replay of David Tyree's catch against his helmet over again, take a drink.
-If the MVP of the game is a QB, take a drink.
-If the MVP of the game is anyone except a QB, take 2 drinks.

At this point you may be passed out (we do not condone over drinking) but if you are not, finish your beer and call it a night with a safe way home, that doesn't include anyone that played this game driving.


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  1. Anytime an announcer turns absolutely nothing into something strategic "you see how he ran wide left on that play, you can obviously tell they are taking the field conditions seriosly today", take a drink.