Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday: Bringing Us Together for One Day

No doubt we are divided...tomorrow let's unite.

We are a divided country.  Democrat, Republican, Chevrolet, Ford, gay, straight, tall, short, obese, skinny, dog person, cat person, snake person (weirdos....sorry I am not supposed to judge here), tree huggers, ax men, vegetarians, meat lover pizza orderers, Beatles, Rolling Stones, American Idol, The Voice, the 99%, the 1%, blonde, brunette, black, white, I love LA, I love New York, I love small towns, summer person, winter person, lake person, ocean person, religious, atheist, beer, wine, vodka, gin, union worker, non-union, government worker, private sector employee, global warming believers, global warming non-believers, country music fans, country music haters, STOB fans and any non-STOB fans that are idiots (sorry judging again...).

I think you get the point, this country that in it's name is supposed to be "United" is very much divided.  Now don't worry, we are still a silly sports, drinking and pop culture blog, we aren't going to go into how we are going to fix the country.  More so, it is that Super Bowl Sunday has become a day, almost more than any other, that can bring us all together and agree that for one day, we'll put all of that other crap aside and just enjoy sports.

Even if you are just there for the snacks and drinks, you are putting all that down your gullet because of the sporting event that is the Super Bowl.  Some of us gather in big groups, at bars, at homes, some in small groups, but on that glowing box we all gather around with varying degrees of interest on what is happening on that 100 yards of turf, together, united as a country.

So when you gather in whatever way you wish tomorrow, forget all of the other stuff going on in your world.  Let sports do what they are best at, acting as a distraction from everyday life.  Get lost in the game, get lost in the friends and family, get lost in the snacks and food, get buzzed on suds, forget that tomorrow is the first day in another long work week (which maybe we could come together as a country again and get that changed to a national holiday so we can have that off), forget about that diet you were resolute about for 2012 and just enjoy sport on it's grandest scale.  Let's be even more united tomorrow than ever and come Monday hope that a little bit of that carries over to the rest of the year.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

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