Wednesday, February 1, 2012

*Video* Ricky Rubio talking trash to Kobe Bryant

Now we know Rubio isn't afraid of the big moment, we've seen that on the court this year.  Now we learn with this video that he isn't afraid to talk trash to anyone, including the Black Mamba.  After their loss to the LA Lakers on Sunday at Target Center, Rubio and his Spanish National team teammate Pau Gasol were chatting post game in the tunnel of the Target Center.   Kobe Bryant comes out of the locker room and asks "You all talking about London?"  Of course speaking of the summer Olympic Games.

Rubio takes it from there telling Bryant he and the USA team will be going home with the silver:

Gotta love the kid's moxie to talk trash to probably still the NBA's best player.  Just another sign we have a good one in Ricky Rubio in Minnesota.

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