Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Bit About Big Ken

Big Ken’s Bio –

What up peeps!? No, not the marshmallow birds we all love, but if you have some, send me an email at and hook me up. No, I’m talking about all the sports, beer, music and just plan angry Gopher fans out there.

I’m Ken Smith, or Big Ken as my friends like to call me. And, since we are friends now, you can call me that as well. I’m 28 and from all over the place: Minnesota, Louisiana, Arkansas…you name it. And, with that, comes all the tears of pain I have suffered from being a sports fan in those states.

My favorite teams are as follows: Gopher Basketball, Twins, Timberwolves and Patriots/Tom Brady. So yeah, I’m homer…wanna fight about it!

Sorry, that’s just all the pent up frustration due to following such low caliber teams.

Oh sure, there have been some high moments, but for the most part, in the words of the great New Found Glory, it’s all downhill from here.

In my write ups and podcasting, you are sure to hear some bitter words fly from my mouth. Hell maybe even a few four letter ones; but don’t worry, I will throw in some humor as well. Or at least what I think is considered humor.

Since I love the sound of my silky smooth voice, I talk... a lot...and that makes me thirsty. And, since we drink on this site, hence the name, chances are I'll be throwing back couple of Summits and/or Zima's if the mood strikes while writing or podcasting.

Don't hate. 

And as always, if you don’t like my material, check out the other two guys. I'm sure they having something that will wet your whistle. Take that anyway you want.

STOB is making an effort to let you know a bit more about us, with that we created a tab up top so that you know a bit about who your reading or listening to. (Or who you hate and want to write and send a hate filled screed)  So all three of us will write up a bio and post it then they can always be found up top.  Also any new contributors that are brought on will make bios as well and throw them up on the About Us tab.  Want to be a full time contributor?  Email

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