Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Bit About D the Producer

Before I start I want to thank Ben, and Big Ken for saving the best member of the blog for last.  Describing me is a very difficult and perplexing task.  If I had to describe myself in one word it would be random.  Random from the sense of what I write about, what I think about, and heck, what I dream about.  I love sports and have played competitively in one form or another since I was in a diaper.  I'm a big college football fan, and love playing golf and basketball in my free time.  My beer preference really depends on the day.  Some days I'm feeling a little surly and could go for a Surly Furious; some days I'm happy and I feel like a Miller High Life with olives of course; it's all about the mood my friends.  I like playing vids from time to time, and love spending time with my 135 lb American Bulldog - he'll eat you.  Other than that, I'm a fun loving guy that loves spending time with the fiance' and riding my bike with no hands.

Stay thirsty my friends...

STOB is making an effort to let you know a bit more about us, with that we created a tab up top so that you know a bit about who your reading or listening to. (Or who you hate and want to write and send a hate filled screed)  So all three of us will write up a bio and post it then they can always be found up top.  Also any new contributors that are brought on will make bios as well and throw them up on the About Us tab.  Want to be a full time contributor?  Email

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