Monday, March 5, 2012

Clippers/Wolves Game Recap - 3/5/2012

Well, that was one hell of a finish....

The Wolves played the Clippers for the 3rd time this season on Monday night and were looking to sweep the Clippers under the rug for the season. Kevin Love (I'm calling him "KLOVErfield" these days) had another absolutely dominating performance. It's hilarious to think that his 39 points and 17 rebounds were not season highs for him.

One aspect of Kevin Love's game that does not show up on the stat sheet is how clutch he has been all season long and tonight was no exception. With the game on the line in the 4th quarter, Love nailed a couple clutch jumpers and had a couple buckets in the post as well (and I did not even mention he started the game off going 3/3 from 3 point land) If he keeps putting up games like this, there is no reason Love should not be heavily considered for the MVP award (and that's not the homer in me talking)

For as good as Kevin Love was tonight, Blake Griffin has definitely seen better nights. Even though Blake put up 26 points and 12 rebounds, he was anything but clutch tonight. Blake single handily cost his team a win tonight in a couple regards. Blake not only shot 6/13 from the free throw line (Hack-A-Blake anyone?), he also maliciously pulled down Luke Ridnour on a break away that was clearly going to be stolen by Ridnour and in turn was called for a technical foul (in which Ridnour ended up making the free throw) Though with all of that being said, Blake had some pretty nasty dunks tonight, which is always very entertaining to watch.

Even though the Wolves pulled out the win tonight, they definitely still have some things to improve on:

-They held over a 15 point lead and lost it briefly towards the end of the game (though some of this may have been because some players were in foul trouble and they were only playing with 9 guys tonight, still, no excuses)
-The Wolves shot 40% from the field (The Wolves rank 22nd in the league with a FG percentage of 43.3)
-Wesley Johnson not only started again tonight, but he played 25 disgusting minutes (clutch 1/6 shooting from the field, brah)
-For as much as I love you Ricky, you just cannot shoot. Just dish out 10+ dimes a game and I will be happy (1/7 shooting tonight for my boi) Oh, and your 4 personal fouls didn't do our short handed team any favors either...
-The Wolves committed THREE, 3 point shooting fouls in this game (4 in total for the game) There is no way this team can continue to win if they commit stupid fouls like that (somehow CP3 missed his third free throw attempt to seal the game for the Wolves)

Oh and for the record, I think Chris Paul complained about every single call tonight that went against the Clippers. He even complained once when his team actually got the joke.

Wolves get the W, 95-94.

This is Jake and I am signing off, goodnight!

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  1. I loved so much watching Chris Paul miss the third free throw...such a cocky sob. The thing that made me laugh most was that I accidently fast forwarded past him missing the third free throw with my DVR, and so I knew he missed one of the free throws. So I went back and watched him, hit the first, hit the second and that is where I cracked up. After he hit the second he gave the normal and expected high fives to the two guys on the block and then turned expecting his wings to come from half court to also give him props for making a free throw, yet they weren't there. So instead he did two "air" high fives, just cocky as all get out. Well nice brick on the next one there CP2outta3 ya loser!

    Love the Wolves sweeping this arrogant team that, as I've said before, acts like they have already accomplished something.