Monday, March 19, 2012

ESPN Says Manning to Broncos, Tebow to be Traded over.

Manning has been looking for a new team for quite a while, and ESPN is reporting that he has decided to start negotiating a contract with the Denver Broncos.  So with that Tebow-mania, like Lin-sanity, is over at least in Denver.  ESPN says Tebow will now be traded, or at least the Broncos will attempt to trade him.  As for Peyton, he had narrowed it down to Tennessee (I guess not the only ten Peyton saw... hey o!), San Francisco (Peyton not known as a huge fan of cable cars or Rice a Roni) and Denver (our sources reporting Manning wants to join the Mile High club prior to retiring).  So did Peyton make the right choice?  Or will Denver fit Manning like San Diego fit another great ex-Colt QB, Johnny Unitas?

To me the key to his success will be his health.  If he can throw it like he did prior to his neck issues, then sure Peyton should be very successful in Denver.  If not, look for former Gopher Adam Weber (a STOB'er) to take over for Manning.  To help Manning be successful, Denver has a great running game and with that weapon, which he rarely had in Indianapolis, Peyton's play action fakes should be that much more effective against opposing defenses.  Speaking of defense, Denver has a very good one of those as well.  The offensive line, though more built for running, is definitely sufficient.

The only real weaknesses I see for Peyton in Denver is the receiving corp.  Still pretty unproven, Demaryius Thomas is a physical specimen and showed flashes with Tebow last year.  Eric Decker is coming back after a knee injury, but also showed flashes.  The rest are pretty insignificant for now, but remember that Peyton has made some otherwise relatively mediocre receivers look like Pro Bowlers.

Tight end is anther glaring weakness that Peyton will likely want to see fixed.  Dallas Clark is available, and I have to assume Peyton will attempt to coerce his new buddy John Elway into grabbing him out of the free agent pool.

Poor Tim Tebow now looks like he is on the way to being traded.  You can't blame the Broncos for grabbing Peyton and ditching the unorthodox lefty, but the guy did win you a division title, albeit a horrible division, last year and won you a playoff game.  Not sure where Tebow will end up, or how much another team will be willing to give up for him.  He is really still an unproven commodity and to trade much for him while not knowing whether or not he can reproduce the ugly, yet magically winning, formula for your team is quite the risk.  Seattle though showed that risks are taken all the time on quarterbacks though by giving a 7th round pick, with just over 100 passes thrown in his career, $25 million over 3 years with $10 million guaranteed a year after making T-Jack their starter.  So maybe Tebow will bring a bigger haul to Denver than you'd think in this expected trade.

Broncos unfortunately do not match up with Indy at all next year, so we won't be able to see Peyton play his former team.  They do play divisional rival Kansas City, and I think that would be the perfect place for Tebow.  Unfortunately, Denver will likely be like the Packers with Favre and not trade him to a divisional rival.  Maybe San Francisco is a good choice?  They love to run and can win with a guy who can barely throw and if I think Tebow and Harbaugh are a great pairing as quarterback and coach.  Expect the "Manning sweepstakes" to now turn all of it's attention to the "Tebow trade" and with a few years of "Favre watch" under my belt I can confidently say, never believe anything Ed Werder says about it.

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